Monday, July 2, 2012

What's the Ron Paul Campaign Planning for the GOP Convention?

Well, it turns out that the Ron Paul campaign has $3.3 million in the bank and something may be planned for the Republican National Convention.

Mason Buran writes:
In a recent interview conducted with Ron Paul Campaign Spokesperson, Doug Wead, It was pointed out that there remains a strategy behind the Paul's acquisition of several hundred delegates to attend the Republican National Convention in August...

Furthermore, when Wead was asked about what they are planning to do with the funds he stated, “we have a reason behind getting those delegates and we are not going to release it”.
It's difficult to see what might be planned, given that the RP campaign appears to be working to not upset the Romney campaign at the RNC and seemingly does not want to appear out of order at the convention.

Further, a friend, who follows these things a lot closer than I do, emails:
....they apparently have something up their sleeve. I trust Doug Wead about as far as I can throw him.
In other words, it is going to be real interesting to see what goes down in Tampa. Ron Paul continues hardcore, but I have no idea what is going on around him.


  1. If the Ron Paul Campaign has something planned they’re going to have to communicate the plan to the Delegates and Alternates going to the National Convention. I’m an Alternate to the National Convention and know several of the other Delegates and Alternates from my State, including those who support Dr. Paul. We’re an independent bunch of Liberty Lovers who tend to think for ourselves and make our own decisions. We worked together to get elected to the National Convention and we’re ready to work together again. If we get to Tampa without knowing the game plan, the Campaign might find we’re likely to do our own thing. If they want us to consider their plan, they best communicate it well before we get to Tampa so we can consider it amongst ourselves.

    1. The memo to delegates reads:
      Kindly arrive at convention early and befriend many neocons.
      When it is your turn to act, leave.

  2. Oh, will the plan now be to create banners that say "Change the platform that no one reads or follows" as opposed to just asking nicely?

    It is clear that Wead, Hunter, Benton, Paul (Rand), et al. are establishment types unwilling to rile the system; so this "reason" appears to be a lot of hot air.

    Many people have called Ron Paul a once-in-a-lifetime candidate, and yet those closest to him were unwilling to engage in a once-in-a-lifetime effort when it mattered.

    1. Well said. So Sad...

    2. If I were Ron, I would seek the nomination for vice-president. He has the plurality in five states to get the nomination. Romney might be surprised by it and go along, considering he needs the support of Ron Paul's supporters.

    3. In a sentence, you nailed it profoundly. If they never were in it to win it, why even go through the motions? I will go to my grave admiring Ron Paul, but the rest of those bastards aren't worth wadding a shotgun shell with.

    4. mark edward marchiafavaJuly 3, 2012 at 8:20 AM

      Under NO circumstances will I support Obama-white, it just ain't gonna happen.

    5. Ps. Robert, I am commenting from China. So, I am always ahead or behind the curve depending on your perspective. I hope you will post my comments.


      Skip Cook

    6. RP is missing the best chance we may see in a lifetime of creating another party that might replace the Republicans, as they replaced the Whigs.

    7. Agreed...sad but true. Ron is not well served by his team.

      And I believe he should run 3rd-party.

    8. If Ron was on the ticket as Romney's VP, I bet he would advise us to vote against the ticket, just like he does with legislation he attaches earmarks to. He gets his say in, just in case he loses, but still does the honorable thing and votes against the atrocity. When it comes anyway, at least he's still involved in things, having planned for that contingency.

  3. I'm not too concerned about Doug Wead because I don't think he has a whole lot of influence. He's basically an outsider. The only thing the Paul campaign can do in Tampa is cause trouble, and I don't think that's high on their agenda. So the next option is some kind of deal with Romney. What could that be? Platform concessions would be nice, but I don't think Romney is remotely inclinted to do anything significant in that area. Rand for VP is out for the same reason and is untenable without platform concessions anyway.

    Would they push a Ron Paul V.P. candidacy? He wouldn't win, but the delegates would be unbound in a V.P. vote so that would showcase Paul's total support among delegates. But that would be causing trouble. I think the best we can expect is an open and free debate and vote on the platform on the floor of the convention. There was a time, not so long ago, when that kind of thing was taken for granted.

    1. I think Paul could do the most good as heat of the Treasure or Fed. Reserve....if they were going to bargain for anything it should be that as VP is basically powerless unless we hit the death lotto with Willard.

  4. $3.3 million in the bank? Sounds like a great start to a fund supporting local & state level liberty candidates!

  5. MyFirstNameIsPaulJuly 2, 2012 at 2:24 PM

    I think about it from Paul's perspective:

    I've been fighting to abolish the Fed for most of my adult life, and the best I accomplished was to get a full audit bill to the floor of the House, i.e. failure. Now, I have what is probably my last opportunity to abolish the Fed, and it is through an offer to be Secretary of the Treasury if Romney is elected.

    What action do I take?

    1. The Treasury Secretary does not have the authority to abolish the Fed. It would take an act of congress. And Romney would never sign it.

      Face it. We now have to wait for ObamaCare to bankrupt us. At least we won't be able to afford Pax Americana.

    2. "I've been fighting to abolish the Fed for most of my adult life, and the best I accomplished was to get a full audit bill to the floor of the House, i.e. failure."

      Grow up and get some perspective. Ten years ago most Americans never even HEARD of the Fed and now it is routinely talked about on the street. Ron Paul has been ENORMOUSLY successful. His bids for president have been enormously successful because it changed American discourse.

      What has not changed enough however, is that the media still has the ability to shape stories. Having Ron Paul delegates "doing their own thing" is a bad move. The reason why Paul has been successful by being a member of the Republican party is because he knows that the only way to effect long-lasting change is by using the system to his advantage. "Riling up" the convention will turn the media, and the majority of public opinion, against him and the work he has accomplished. Those people who've been casting aspersions on him as a lunatic outsider will have been right in the eyes of the average Joe, and self-proclaimed "liberty lovers" will have destroyed all of our chances.

  6. So far, the campaign for Ron Paul had been a flop. Mitt stealing votes, the RNC binding votes, their minions passing around hate emails about Ron Paul and bad press about the liberty minded delegates, and an underfunded campaign, then the latest rumors and insider news flashes about Rand and Ron after the Bilderberg meeting. It doesn't look like they want Ron to win. So be it. Accept your Mitt flip flop candidate GOP. We tried to offer an alternative but you wanted Flipper.

  7. Best case is wrangling a plum speaking spot, and making an extended pitch for liberty, peace, and free markets. It's the absolute most we can realistically hope for.

  8. What hurt the Paul campaign was an unwillingness to use the tremendous network it had built as an independent political power base to:

    1) hold the GOP accountable for the election fraud and delegate abuses it committed throughout the primary race

    2) run 3rd party as a means of leveraging Paul's gains towards winning the GOP race as well.

    3) stress the role of false flags and black ops in manipulating the public into accepting statist policies (e.g., the 9-11 inside job).

    4) better engage social conservatives to win their support (which in the vacuum went to Newt, Santorum, etc).

    Most tragically, each of these factors were part of what made the 2008 candidacy also fall short. The failure of the campaign to learn from any of these mistakes prior to repeating them in 2012 was unacceptable, giving the amount of funding and energy poured into his campaign.

  9. nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney baldwin ventura sheehan perot carterJuly 3, 2012 at 9:54 AM

    Hey shout, summertime blues
    Jump up and down in my blue suede shoes
    Hey kid, rock and roll, rock on

    And where do we go from here
    Which is the way that's clear

  10. There were indications today by Jesse Benton that Ron Paul will sell out at the convention and endorse Romney. If that happens, it will be viewed by Paul supporters as the ultimate betrayal. Paul will become the Benedict Arnold of the liberty movement.

    From via The Hill:

    [Campaign Chairman Jesse] Benton said the “jury’s still out” on whether [Ron] Paul will endorse the presumptive GOP nominee.

    “A good bit of that will be determined by how his supporters will be received and treated. Right now there’s every indication they will be well-received and treated well at the convention and if they feel welcome that will help

    1. First, I think it normal to assume that Benton is posturing for any kind of leverage possible.

      I would expect him to, even being the "fall guy" when Paul ultimately denies Willard his stamp of approval.

      Second, if Benton ISN'T posturing-he's proven himself an inaccurate representation of Paul's views several times over...most notably the "campaign is over" declaration.

      Either way, the one thing I have no doubts on that Ron Paul will never endorse Romney.

  11. What the hell is going on with the RP campaign? Ron Paul has been great, as usual, but the people around him are a circus. Just the other day RP said "no way" when asked if he's going to endorse Romney, and now that clown Benton is saying the "jury's still out"?

    What a bunch of trash his campaign advisers are. Just more proof you can't change the system from within.

  12. "you can't change the system from within."

    You can't kill a snake by living in its belly. Paul is retiring after 24 or so years of living in the snake's belly. The system is rotten. Joining the system usually rots those who join. Ron Paul, at least, resisted the rot and has done what he could.

    That should serve as an example of the fact that there is no solution to be found in politics. Politics creates problems, not solutions.