Friday, July 6, 2012

Who Killed JFK and Why?

Don't miss this Sunday's Robert Wenzel Show. JFK assassination expert Robert Morrow is the guest.

You will learn:

Who was the next door neighbor of J. Edgar Hoover, for years.

Where George H.W. Bush said he was at the time of the assassination.

Why Lyndon Johnson was really picked as Kennedy's running mate.

Who were the two most evil men in Washington D.C. at the time of the assassination.

What Richard Nixon said about the assassination.

Who Lee Harvey Oswald really was.

and much, much more.


  1. Bob

    how do i watch/listen to the show?

    1. He'll post a youtube and podbean player in a blog post on Sunday.

  2. Ugh...more conspiracy theory nonsense from counter-productive...please, for the love of all that is rational...stop.

    1. Back in 2004 Fox news did a poll on the JFK assassination and they found that 74% believe there was a cover-up, 14% believed that we knew all the facts, and 12% were unsure. Further 66% believe that it was more than just Oswald responsible and only 25% believe in the one gun man theory. That was 8 years ago. That obviously doesn't prove anything but I just wanted to make sure you understood how much you are in the minority on this topic. Apparently, you're one of the few who swallows what the governments spits out but not all of us trust their word. We actually like hearing more about these kind of things so we can get at the truth.

    2. Dear oh dear. We can't have libertarians believing "conspiracy theories" (a term the CIA cooked up to marginalize those who see reality).

    3. I must agree with this. Even if it's true, this stuff damages credibility more than it helps these days. I don't complain about the Bilderberg stuff, but the items listed here are pure speculation and name-dropping.

    4. Tell me one thing the federal government has told us the truth about that made them look bad.
      Cause of the recession: no
      Fast and Furious: no
      Reason we were attacked on 9/11: no (it wasn't because they "hate our freedom")
      Was watergate a "conspiracy theory"? Do you think that's the only illegal act followed by a coverup that's happened in Washington?
      I, for one, like to hear about things like this from people even if there is some doubt as to how true it is. I still would like to hear about it and weight the facts myself.
      There is the official story and then there is the real story. Many times these are different. Those who are unwilling to accept that and talk about it have zero credibility in my mind.

  3. Wenzel, please try to get Jeremy Lin as a show guest. Not only can you talk economics but basketball! I think Lin will be invovled in the player's union. Try not to beat him up too much, after all, we all know he had to drink the kool-aid to graduate from Harvard with an economics degree.

  4. Russ Baker's 'Family of Secrets' is a good read on this subject.