Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Will Corn Hit $8.00 per Bushel?

An EPJ reader reports:
To give you a heads up, in central Indiana, we have not had any measurable rain since May 1st.  Farmers got their crops in early this season but now are looking bad.  I pass many fields on my morning bike rides and the corn leaves are curling.  One field that had soybeans planted is already being harvested.  One farmer told me that he wouldn't be surprised if corn would hit $8/bushel this fall.
Corn has recently spiked to over $7.00 per bushel.


  1. Most recent crop reports show some of the biggest drops in crop qaulity we have ever seen, corn poor/very poor jumped from 16 to 25%

  2. Americans eat way too much corn/corn-derived crap anyway.

  3. No more high fructose corn syrup? There'll be riots across the country as the proles' troths go unfilled. What will the New America purchase with all those food stamps? But I have faith: our Obama is a kind god, and he will find a way to keep us all fed, fattened up for slaughter.

  4. When will E85 cost more than regular?