Sunday, August 5, 2012

An Elitist Rich Bitch Wants to "Save Capitalism"

Lynn Forster De Rothschild writes about her life:
As a middle-class girl from nowhere [new Jersey], I believed that if I worked hard and played by the rules my future would be anything I wished it to be.

This was an era when it really seemed that, economically at least, that girl from nowhere could have it all. My first two marriages failed, but I was able to support my two sons, earn a nine-figure fortune with my own series of start-up businesses and was named the 4th Most Powerful Woman in European Business by Fortune magazine.

In 2000, I married an Englishman, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, who also carried his head high.
Yes, that Rothschild.

Among other things Evelyn has been:

Chairman - The Economist (1972–1989)
Chairman - British Merchant Banking & Securities House Association (1985–1989)
Deputy Chairman - Milton Keynes Development Corporation (1971–1984)
Chairman - United Racecourses (1977–1994)
Director - De Beers Consolidated Mines (1977–1994)
Director - IBM United Kingdom Holdings Limited (1972–1995)

In her mini-bio, she also fails to mention that she is 23 year younger than the old coot or that Henry Kissinger first introduced them to each other at a Bilderberg meeting.

I am sure she forgot to write all this because she is too busy saving capitalism. She did write:
Can a middle-class girl from nowhere ‘be good’ and make it the way I did? I seriously wonder if she even would want to try.

Exactly what do the Lynn Foresters of today think when they learn that Barclays manipulated LIBOR rates, that CEOs make on average 380 times as much as employees, and that Bernie Madoff wiped out the savings of his own friends?

The bedrock of my view of the world was that economic success was available for those who are not born at the top of the ladder.
Of course, her babbling is about idiotic propaganda that has nothing to do with capitalism.

Bernie Madoff was a crook, aided and abetted by the SEC. His crimes had nothing to do with capitalism. LIBOR is a second rate mini-scandal that can't compare to the money and interest rate manipulations conducted everyday by central banks, such as the Fed, the ECB and the BOE.

The reason CEOs are making so much more than most employees is because of regulations promoted by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds in building a moat around themselves to protect against competitors. The CEOs that earn the big salaries were just lucky enough to get under the big tent with R&R.

Given all this, is it conceivable taht Lynn Forster De Rothschild actually wants to change things for the better. like rip down central banks. End regulations that suffocate new comers? Hah! She's up to something:
In an effort to bring the best to the system, I am co-chairing a new international group, the Henry Jackson Initiative For Inclusive Capitalism that is trying to showcase several immediate and permanent solutions from the private sector.
Watch your wallet.


  1. I would bet that her "Initiative" will largely benefit of government funding. Talking 'bout a double scam.
    You've got to admire this kind of lying scammers.

  2. I've been to Milton Keynes and wondered why an English city built such an unmistakenly American shopping mall with huge parking lots, strip centers, and an office park. They even had a pizza hut knock off. Thanks Jersey girl!

  3. Henry ("Scoop") Jackson... (D)(Boeing).
    Us old farts can backtrack de trail.....
    "Inclusive Capitalism" : does that include me?? Yeah, right.

    Capn Mike Rothschild (har)

  4. Honest to God, you just can't make this shit up!!! Scumbags to the end...

  5. I always laugh when I hear some dolt say they or something is important to save Capitalism. From what? Fascism? Socialism? Mercantilism? Communism? The funny thing is that usually what follows to save capitalism is some failed concept from one of the other 'ism's.

  6. Evelyn de Rotshild is a dude? Man, that explains a lot.

  7. Bill Kauffman’s “placeism” suggests that every place is important; one’s homeplace and the relationships with kin and friends also attached to that place are an integral part to a whole life. Ideas are great and surely do rule the world, but if one keeps growing intellectually, ones ideas and ideals necessarily evolve. Place grounds intellectuals, quite literally. Kauffman suggests that deracination and hyper-mobility, pioneered by the military and these megalithic neofacist corporations which dominate this civilization, are serious pathologies in contemporary America. That Ms. Rothschild refers to her home as “nowhere” is more even offensive than her relationship with the parasitic banking cartels her family owns.