Wednesday, August 8, 2012

About the Federal Reserve Police

As a follow up to the pic of the checkpoint at the New York Federal Reserve, here is what says about the Federal Reseve  police:
It is a little known fact that the United States Federal Reserve Police was formed in 2001. Many believe that the agency has been around for a much longer period of time.

There are 37 stations within 12 regional districts. Each United States Federal Reserve Police office is an independent unit, although they are governed out of the headquarters in Washington, D.C. In addition to federal authority, officers within many of the units have city or state authority as well.

The main responsibility of a United States Federal Reserve Police officer is to protect Federal Reserve facilities within their district. Officers are also trained to respond to fire, medical, and police related incidents in or around Federal Reserve grounds.

Just like the majority of uniformed officers, those within the United States Federal Reserve Police are certified to carry firearms, batons, pepper spray and other standard equipment.

Upon being hired, each officer must complete training at a district Federal Reserve Police Academy. Along with this, they must also be sworn in as a United States Federal Reserve Police officer. 
At this time, there are more than 1,000 sworn members of the United States Federal Reserve Police force


  1. It's my guess that very few of these "more than 1,000 sworn officers" understand that the real criminals are IN the buildings.

  2. Along with this, they must also be sworn in as a United States Federal Reserve Police officer.

    Who do they swear allegiance to ?
    The Fed Chairmen.

  3. Oho!

    And we thought the Fed was blind to history!

    But no! They are not!
    They know. Yes they know!
    About Ohio!
    The Second Bank shot!

    I was there! I seen!
    Them Fifty-Thousand,
    Thrown in their carts and
    Called 'Soul of Nineteen'!

    Oh, What do you do?
    What do you do if?
    The local Sheriff?
    Decides to get you?

    Puts you to the test?
    Do you sue for Peace?
    Call your own Police!
    Put HIM under 'rrest!

  4. This really isn't as ludicrous as it sounds, considering there are thousands of tonnes of gold inside.

  5. The Fed needs enforcers just as the mafia needs soldiers - it's a protection racket. After all, they have skillfully reduced the purchasing power of the dollar from 100 cents to 4 cents, and impoverished the most productive society in the history of the world. Not an easy job, and a result that is bound to create some very unhappy campers.

    Throughout it's well hidden and highly propagandized past, the Fed has consistently worked to the detriment of the American people. Now, as this becomes common knowledge, and the world awakens to the criminal and self-serving nature of the organization, the rats are turning on one another, fighting for survival, and searching for a way to leave the sinking ship.

    I do not envy them. Soon they will spending eternity in boiling excrement. On the other hand, they have worked hard for it, have earned it, and so, richly deserve the just rewards of their tireless labor of greed, war, theft, and betrayal...

    "It's not easy printing green" Bernankmit the Hog