Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ben Swann on the Federal Reserve

I would focus on the Fed as the initial creator of money (which the Treasury then prints up), other than that, pretty solid stuff.


  1. I like this guy. He's a Ron Paul fan too. I wish more local propaganda shows had segments like this on local and national corruption.


  2. Wow, this was on network TV?! I'm surprised and impressed that they'd be this bold. Kudos to Fox19.

    1. Fox is probably better in some respects than the more "liberal"-biased channels. It is a shame that in Europe we don't even have that much to oppose our lying mainstream elitist media. Perhaps Sky sometimes has some good reports, but then it is another of Murdoch's interests. RT is by far better all the same.

  3. When Ben gets Breitbarted, remember that I called it here first. You can't be talking this way to the sheeple.