Thursday, August 23, 2012

Brandon Raub and the Thought Police

A judge has ruled that Brandon Raub should be released, below is a video message from John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute discussing the Ruab case before news broke that a judge ruled in Raub's favor.

Although it is a relief the judge ruled in Raub's favor, it remains chilling that local police, the FBI, the Secret Service and a magistrate all found no problem with the kidnapping of Raub, when he had committed no crimes and displayed no threat to anyone.


  1. What the Rutherford Institute has done here is extraordinary.

    Everyone asks what can I do? Many people complain that Americans are standing by and allowing our civil liberties to die.

    I have a wonderful wife, two boys 10 and 14 and a small business. A lot to lose. I fear for the future of this country and wonder what will things be like in ten years much less 30. I want to do something, but what?

    I have written emails to my local and state politicians. And contacted my congressman over the years. Nothing changes.

    So what do I do? Start by supporting groups like the Rutherford Institute!

    I just gave $500.00.

    What will you do today to fight the government oppression?


  2. No doubt Raub will receive a bill for the "treatment" he received. I kid you not.