Wednesday, August 15, 2012

BREAKING: Paul Festival is Changing Its Name

Now that Ron Paul is about to retire, the liberty movement is moving well beyond the Jesse Benton-John Tate manipulations. The split from these establishment sympathizers/operatives has begun. From the Paul Festival organization:
"We love Ron Paul, he is the inspiration for the Festival.

We would give anything to have him speak or visit the Festival. For whatever reason he has decided against it. We did not seek his approval, or ask him to sanction this event, we just DID IT. Being the LIBERTARIAN MINDED PEOPLE we are, we did not ask for permission.

We are grassroots activists, not concert promoters, nor are we part of the (broken) GOP machinery.

Dr. Paul called us PERSONALLY a while back, thanked us, and wished our event success. But he found it necessary to hold his own event in which he had complete control of. This is understandable, and we accept that, and have gone to great lengths to work it into our program.

Peter Schiff, Lew Rockwell, Gary Johnson, Tom Woods, Adam Kokesh and others who are the heart of the R3VOLUTION and stalwart Libertarians, not only are going to speak, they all, down to the last man DONATED their time. For that, we thank all of those who have gone to such great lengths to help us put together the MOST PROLIFIC ALL STAR line-up the R3VOLUTION has ever seen. We have SO MANY liberty bands and freedom loving entertainers, a virtual who is who of our new, young movement.

We are not Republicans. WE ARE THE FUTURE.

For all the naysayers, saboteurs and haters, get over it. P.A.U.L. Festival IS HAPPENING! :-D

It will be the moment we wean ourselves and become FREE AND INDEPENDENT as we continue to be active and work towards instilling the libertarian values Dr. Paul has espoused. But more than anything
else... one thing has become PLAINLY obvious to us, there is no political solution to the problems that are dragging America through the dirt. The only solution is a change in how we think.

So get your tickets NOW and come to P.A.U.L. Festival - Rock with us, laugh with us, remember with us, cry with us, but most of all celebrate OUR future with us.

P.A.U.L. Festival
People Awakening and Uniting for Liberty

Be there."



  1. Wow, well written. If I was going to be in Tampa I know which convention I'd be attending.

  2. An event that screams truth to power gets my TOTAL respect AND approval.

  3. LOVELOVELOVE the new name. Perfect.

    Dale Fitz

  4. I wonder if this has anything to do with the Libertarian Party becoming a sponsor of the event...

  5. Fracturing?

    As "Life of Brian" might put it, the activists of the Judean People's Front spend all their time and energy hating the People's Front of Judea – never mind the Romans.

  6. A Ron Paul festival Ron won't be at, and he won't endorse.


  7. The libertarian Party, The constitution Party, the Independents --they are all party of the event, that is the point. It is everyone who is for liberty coming together. It's not about one man anymore.