Monday, August 27, 2012

Brown 6 Points Ahead of Warren

Reports Breitbart:
Polls in the U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts confirm that incumbent Republican Scott Brown has built a significant lead over Democrat challenger Elizabeth Warren. The liberal Public Policy Polling group shocked the left with a poll showing Brown up by 5 percent last week, and a subsequent poll by Kimball Political Consulting showed Brown leading by 6 percent, leaving no doubt as to the state of the critical Senate race.
Public Policy Polling is one of the most accurate pollsters aroind, Indeed, they were the first to signal that Brown would win the special election in Massachusetts called to replace the late Senator Ted Kennedy.

They know Massachusetts well. The socialist thinking Warren has not been reacting well to the fact that she has been trailing.

William Jacobson of the Legal Insurrection writes:
Warren herself seems desperate to lash out on the war on women theme so much so that she is becoming a caricature.

All in all, there is a sense in the air that resembles what took place in early January 2010 when the political world collectively came to the realization that the Democrats had nominated a seriously flawed candidate, and were up against a guy with a unique political talent and ability to connect with the folks.

Make no mistake, Warren’s bizarre handling of her false claim to Native American ancestry has compounded if not caused the problem, as it revealed a personality defect which is not very becoming...

To put it in plain terms, Democrats selected a class and sex warrior when people are not concerned with those issues.
Brown is a phony liberty fighter, but Warren is probably the most aggressive central planning thinker among all Congressional candisdates running.


  1. Brown is one of those 'moderates', like Susan Collins and Ben Nelson, who bring the bad parts of both parties to the table. And of course they eventually come to be the most powerful since there are no principles in the middle of the spectrum.

  2. just about EVERYONE from Oklahoma claims some degree of indian blood. NOT ALL were on the rolls. Being on the Dawes roll was avoided by many many full bloods who were rightly suspicious of the gov't. Oklahoma used to be rife with full bloods who didn't speak english nor were on the "government" rolls. This is BS...silly... since the gov't engaged in destroying all native american cultures... finding your history outside the rolls is about impossible...and finding it before the rolls is impossible for most. STICK TO YOUR GUNS ELIZABETH... we know without a doubt there is probably a indian in your wood pile lol...IT IS OKLAHOMA