Saturday, August 25, 2012

Drones, Tanks, Helicopters & Jails

By Chris Rossini

We're taught early on that one of democracy's selling points is the "peaceful" transfer of power. That "we the people" shall each have a voice and are able to use it to elect our governing authorities.

In fact, this superior system of government is so special, and the U.S. is such a shining example of its success, that America's elites decided to take it on a road show.

As Woodrow Wilson put it, the U.S. would make the world "safe for democracy."

Well, here we are 100 years later, and the very same U.S. has intervened abroad almost every year since Wilson's proclamation (Here's a timeline).

Today the U.S. government is involved in multiple wars across the globe; which are complemented by hundreds of military bases in over a hundred countries. For most Americans, it's out of sight, out of mind. And you can be sure that government school textbooks do not carry James Madison's warning that: “No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.”

Well, at home, in the land of "free speech," several tools of war are being unleashed: drones & helicopters patrolling the skies, and at least one tank on the ground. Jail cells have been emptied and are waiting for new occupants.

What event could possibly spark such a show of brute force?

The Republican National Convention!

RT America has the details below:

Many libertarians, myself included, live by the credo of "the non-aggression principle". Aggression is a tool used by the state. If you want to protest, don't do it by battling the government's tanks. Instead, don't vote, educate yourself, and use the plethora of tools available to spread the ideas of liberty. 


  1. Shit's fucked.

    With all the computers and cameras in New York City one moron shot 1 person and 2 asshole cops shot him AND 10 INNOCENT bystanders.

    Big brother police state is a total fucking failure.

  2. Can't help but LOL at the guy in the video protesting to grow the state.

  3. Where's that libertarian convention this year?

  4. I feel like 90% of the population and media has become "chicken little".

    Of course, I believe gov't is really just propagandizing behind the scenes....but the reality is they are just setting the stage to do anything to anyone they want.

    As Mencken said, keep the sheeple in fear and all is well for gov't. If it wasn't the word "anarchist" to terrify the sheeple it'd be the word "terrorist".