Thursday, August 2, 2012

Evil SOB Put in Charge of Rules and Order at RNC; Will Smash Paulites

Republican insider and hardball player Roger Stone is warning about John Sununu gaining inside position in the Romney campaign. Stone writes:
Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus announced that former Bush 41 White House Chief of Staff and New Hampshire Governor John Sununu, will chair the Committee on Rules and Order of Business at the Republican National Convention. The appointment is, of course, Mitt Romney's, raising serious questions about Romney's judgment and commitment to conservative principles.

Just last week Sununu attacked President Obama saying he "needs to learn how to be an American." Clearly, Sununu is sucking up to the Romney entourage the same way he latched onto George H. W. Bush in 1998. Sununu later apologized for the cheap shot that probably hurt Romney more than it did Obama.

After posing as a conservative to win public office in New Hampshire, John Sununu betrayed the Reagan revolution by convincing President George H. W. Bush to break his "read my lips - no new taxes" pledge. The New York Times' Nicholas Confessore said it best last Sunday: "Bush's Chief of Staff, John Sununu, was arrogant and dismissive, a self-appointed "deputy president." Politically tone-deaf, he believed voters would not punish Bush for breaking his "read my lips" pledge not to raise taxes, and he controlled access in order to enforce his own opinions, freezing out Bush's pollster and others when they disagreed."

Sununu is also responsible for convincing Bush to appoint former New Hampshire Supreme Court Justice David Souter to the U.S. Supreme Court. Souter has joined the liberal block on every major issue since his appointment. Few men have done as much to hurt the conservative moment in America as John Sununu.

In my 40 years in national politics through nine national presidential campaigns, I have never met a more arrogant, unprincipled, duplicitous, and self-important jerk than John Sununu. After you shake his hand, I suggest you count your fingers.

In 1988, when I was working for Jack Kemp's presidential campaign, Sununu told me to my face that he had no commitment to then Vice President Bush the very same day Lee Atwater confirmed Sununu had committed to Bush long before. The lying Lebanese is skillful in his duplicity. No wonder former New Hampshire Supreme Court Justice Charles G. Douglas, III called him "pig-eyes."

Sununu's appearance high in the Romney entourage demonstrates again that Romney is no conservative and that his rhetoric regarding spending and tax policy is just that - rhetoric. Conservative voters interested in real spending cuts, a balanced budget and federal debt reduction should consider former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson who will be on the ballot in all 50 states as the Libertarian Party nominee.
Most alarming for Ron Paul supporters and for the Rand Paulites, who think they are going to be able to make nice with the RNC, is Stone's report that Sununu is going to head the Committee on Rules and Order of Business at the Republican National Convention.

Got that? Sununu is going to head the most important Committee at the RNC. There's a reason Romney put such a tough, unprincipled, duplicitous, SOB in charge of rules and orders. It's called keep Paulites. Sununu  will either keep them in order or smash them. Good luck to you "let's make nice inside the RNC" Paulite dreamers.


  1. No one supports Ron Paul without first being naive. Good grief, in 2008 the guy endorsed a Biblical dominionist.

    It's also plain from the fact that RP doesn't understand the Constitution that he doesn't understand the unionists' republicanism, either.

    Go read Article VII, Paulite daydreamers. The text tells you, ironically, that Article VII isn't relevant to ratification until AFTER its been established. So why then was A7 included? And whence cometh licit criteria by which to determine what conditions are necessary and sufficient for establishment?

    You have no idea.

    1. Perhaps there is a language in which this incoherent drivel makes sense, but it's not English. Is this a bad Google translation from Sanskrit perhaps? Maybe someone needs to start taking their psychiatric medications before posting here.

    2. Paul T,

      Although I don't understand your point about Article VII, I appreciated the info about dominionism. I hadn't heard of it before and just did some research into it.

    3. Paul T is Sununu!

      Ron Paul doesn't understand the constitution? Lol.. is that a joke or are you?

    4. This is your response to the article? Have you no opinion about the nature of Romney's selection. Is there no feedback on the substance of the subject matter? You have turned your attention toward the dismissal of Ron Paul supporters, why? The article says that even though Ron Paul supporters were hoping to 'make nice' there will be no chance of that happening...and you put them down? Your fear of the Ron Paul Revolution is baseless. Fear the status quo. Fortunately there are still people well educated and willing to stand up and represent common sense solutions to the looming finacial crisis heading our way. Grow up, stand up, defend the rights of the individual and be a part of America's continued Revolution

  2. "Politically tone-deaf, he believed voters would not punish Bush for breaking his "read my lips" pledge not to raise taxes"

    Sounds perfect for "etch-a-sketch" Romney

  3. I think this comment got lost, so I'm reposting.
    I agree the Paulians might be too naive here.

    I see Jindal as a strong candidate for VP for Romney. Trumps the race card, brings in strong conservative street cred, and helps if there are any foreign policy move in Asia...

    This might presage a ratcheting up of tensions in Asia and playing off India against China.
    Indians would be smart not to vote.

    1. You RINO's are simpletons. "We need to get us a colored fella so he can't use that against us". What a moron.

      Romney is a liberal. All of his votes prove it. This is all public information that is available to all who can read. I'm guessing that's not one of your strong points.

      He created government health care for Christ sake. Have you people all lost your minds? Republicans are going to be sad when they realize it's too late to not vote for this schmuck. Who want's to bet he doesn't repeal ObamaCare and then he'll blame the liberals when he, in fact, is one.

    2. .. Wait!! "..brings in strong conservative street cred..">. WHAT? lol. C'mon, compared to what? Compared to a RINO he is "slightly conservative", to a real conservative he is a RINO.

      What has the republican party come to? wow.... just wow.

      There really is no difference between the dems/repubs now... you both love wars, you both love handouts and giving them, you both have zero regard for the constitution... and you both love taking away liberty in the name of "terrorism". A bunch of nitwits easily swayed by the establishment..

  4. I'm going to sit back and laugh as the convention erupts into complete chaos on live international television.

  5. Paul's endorsement of a dominionist is a badge of honor, both to him and the man he endorsed.

  6. @Paul T <-- nothing but a RINO apologist kicking up dust to deflect that his masters are nothing but corporatist whores looking to subjugate the masses. He'd vote for a guy who supports Endless wars, NDAA, internet censorship, socialized care, Patriot Act and he is pointing fingers at Dr. Paul? Wow, what a clown.

    Nobody but Paul!

    Mitt = Obama = Bush... and Paul T. is acting like he knows the right of it. Another lackey for the establishment trumpeting the cause of "same ol' same ol'". He'll never fight in any wars nor send his children, but he'll be happy to send yours to die for profit. He'll preach about Republicanism & Liberty while sitting on the sidelines while NDAA, Patriot Act, CISPA, LOST are all passed and not raise a peep. He is a tick on the republicanism arse.. and not even realize it.

    He doesn't even realize he is in the box to ever think outside it.

  7. I have been a "true conservative" all of my life. There is NO way on this earth that I will ever vote for a MA democrat running on the republican ticket. How in the HELL did the GOP even let Obam-NEY in this thing...George Soros?

    Furthermore, anyone who supports ndaa, patriot, tsa, is anti-american. The most basic research will show that mitt and obama are the same.

    I am voting conservative. I will ONLY vote for Ron Paul and I will write him in if I have to.

  8. It's going to be a battle for sure at Tampa.
    Most of the delegates have already spent years working for the 2008 and 2012 campaigns, and you have no idea how expensive Tampa is this time. The city is trying to fleece us like sheep.

    If you would like to help support a delegate & member of the Platform Committee, please go here. THANK YOU!

  9. John Sununu? Oh Boy! Another fat, unhealthy, diseased person. What a statement on the condition of the country. Where do they find these people? It's probably not difficult when at least 66% of the population is similarly fat, unhealthy, and diseased. But, can we please start seeking direction from people who possibly have a clue? This man obviously does NOT, and you cannot give what you don't already have. Sununu is a walking, talking billboard of his own fat, imbalanced and toxic lifestyle and belief system. That's right folks, you are what you eat. This man is an elephant with a month the size of a flea. Why doesn't he just go hide in a corner. This is NOT the kind of person who should be leading anyone. Just take a look at him. He is, in a word, unfit.

  10. I smell fear.....and it makes me smile. Desperate actions imply desperation and we are seeing all manner of this from the RNC and the Romney camp.