Sunday, August 12, 2012

How Not to Confront NYC Police

Darius Kennedy was smoking a joint in Times Square.

When confronted by a police officer, he pulled out a knife with a 19 inch blade and chased the cop down the street. The cop had back-up and plenty more firepower. Darius was plugged at least nine times. He was pronounced dead at Bellevue Hospital.


  1. So they only use tasers to torture people I take it.

    1. I'm sure that it happens. However, if you're going to wield a weapon against a cop, don't expect them to respond with less than deadly force.

  2. Smokin' a doobie. Cop comes over, "Hey, bud, you know you can't be doing this." The only thing that gave the cop courage in the first place was the gun, costume, and tin star. Then Darius pulls a knife, and all the cop advantage was held in demonstrable contempt in that moment. Cop runs back to where cops run back to to get 12 and more of his armed buddies. It's odd. Obviously the baker's dozen who chased Darius in the streets actually thought that Darius was a threat to them as well. Did they think that Darius was a threat to national security?

    (radio static) "There's a man with a doobie in Times Square. Roger."
    "Roger that." (static)
    "Roger. Coordinates are 40.7566° N, 73.9863° W. Send in drone strike. (static) Roger."
    "Roger that."

    So at least 12 to 15 guns plus additional firepower were needed to subdue a guy on pot taunting, teasing the police gang. And then the gang scrambled to chase all with cameras away. This is a crime scene, the privilege of the state.

  3. Well, at least they won't blame the second amendment.

  4. The second video played an anti-Mitt Romney ad and then never went to the actual clip. I feel ripped off.