Friday, August 24, 2012

Jesse Benton and John Tate Headed Back to Their Seats at Campaign for Liberty

There is a lot of unhappiness over at Daily Paul over the way things are being handled at the Ron Paul campaign.

Now that the RNC will mean the official end of the primary election season, Jesse Benton and John Tate will move from the RP campaign over to Campaign for Liberty.

Here's how one commenter at Daily Paul views that move:
With sellouts Jesse Benton and John Tate heading back to their seats on the Board of Directors of Campaign for Liberty next week it is time to leave.

I cannot support with my dollars or my time any organization that would have these two in any Leadership position.

After this week it is time to move beyond the Paul Family and look for new leadership in the Liberty Movement.

Add to that a new Liberty Organization as well.
Here's a report from a Daily Paul commenter on a delegate conference call:
total buzz kill.

more questions were asked (or were allowed to be asked) about busing and VIP passes than what our delegate count really is. And how the Platform went. or what exactly we should do on the floor.

Apparently, according to the campaign. RON PAUL WILL NOT ACCEPT a nomination from the floor.

Basically at this point I guess he considers it not cool to be flaunting his support when in that controlled environment it will look very small.

They never answered if MA was settled and alluded to the Credentials Committee issue - which John Tate was meeting with the RP committee members and could not participate in the call I was on.

There was a lot of talk about when you speak to the press answer the question YOU WISHED they had asked. Just jump right to good stuff that you want to say. And to remember that you are representing a movement. They don't want wild eyed - pissed off- people getting on camera. I see their point - but I for one am, in fact, fairly irritated.

they didn't say endorse Romney...but after Monday simply say you are looking forward to bringing the party back bla bla bla... and firmly planting the flag of liberty in the republican party.

someone asked if Ron Paul would be endorsing Romney and they said, "good question".

If Ron Paul ends up endorsing Romney I am going to flip my lid.
Lew Rockwell says Ron is not going to endorse Romney: one should believe the disinfo agent who, when asked if Ron would endorse Rom, replied, "Good question." That's also the answer to: "Why are you on the paid staff?" If Ron were willing to endorse Romney, which he is not, he would have a big speech at the convention.

Let me say it again: this great man will never endorse evil. Never.


  1. "And none of them will stem from that predatory GOP gathering in Tampa, where power-drunk warmongers, police statists, and looters clap each other on the back and send you the bill."(read: don't go to tampa and bug embarass the gop)

    although much more adept at concealing it,rockwell is a sellout too. when ron first rolled over for romney during the debates lew tried to subtly tried to contain any rightious indignation from the masses. heartbreaking.

    thank you wenzel for never straying from your priciples through this whole disgusting betrayal.

    Please, please, please let some country go to "free" money and strong property rights. I'll be on the boat tomorrow...

  2. while its great that he is not endorsing Romney, its a little irrelevant.

  3. "Apparently, according to the campaign. RON PAUL WILL NOT ACCEPT a nomination from the floor."

    This makes no sense. If by some miracle all of the Paul supporters tell the camapign weasels to stuff it, completely up end the convention, and a huge crap storm ensues, would any sane person really say, "nah?"

    Why does is the phrase "don't turn down free money" screaming in my mind.

    As for C4L/YAL, well, it looks like it's all set to take a seat in the pantheon of irrelevant, ineffective (do I repeat myself?), supplicant, DC think-thanks, right between Cato and YAF. Here's a hint, the strange smell coming from that old guy in the corner is just the Mont Pelerin Society rotting as it takes its fourth nap of the day.

  4. Ron Paul missed the best chance in our lifetimes to create a new political party with some momentum behind it had he bolted at the right time. Instead he chose to stay in the Republican sandbox where they cut him and his followers down. In my view it was a strategic error of the first magnitude.

  5. Remember, politics is not the answer to restore freedom. We need to educate others about liberty, economics and history, point to good websites on the Internet that give a lot of information and links. But individual non-consent and resistance are more important, as is nullification. State nullification, jury nullification and so forth.

    But with all hard work Ron Paul did for the advancement of freedom, his books and many articles and speeches, I'd hate to see him push all that aside while letting these Republicriminals walk all over him. It's sad.

  6. I stopped supporting C4L a while back over the Rand e-mail blasts. Sad to say, Ron Paul has let things spiral out of control within his campaign and other areas like C4L with his name attached.

    In my estimate, the simple fact is that Ron Paul is not great organizationally at running things at times. If we want to be generous, maybe he just puts his faith in the wrong people to help him from time to time.

    You can also see this from those newsletters that had racist stuff in them that he let slide through in the 90's.

    Ron Paul is a success in many things:

    Spreading the message of Liberty
    Macro Economics
    Historical perspective
    Understanding the gov't machine/workings
    Investing on a personal level

    Should it surprise any of us that the man has some weaknesses as well? No. We all do.

    That however does not excuse any of us from seeing the reality.

    I expect to hear more from Ron Paul and hopefully see more direct activism on his part as his campaign winds down...I look forward to it. As for those in his organizations that have let him and us down....they will be easy to ignore after all this dies down.

  7. I was wary of the Campaign for Liberty from the get-go. Institutions tend toward corruption, and their main goal invariably becomes "survival of the institution at any cost." Ron Paul always talks about foreign policy. C4L, almost never.

    Ron Paul is sincere but it looks like Benton and co. are just milking Paul's supporters for a comfy retirement. Benton got rich on Ron Paul 2012, while supporters who struggle to feed their families sent in donations in the mistaken belief that this was a serious campaign for the presidency.

    I don't doubt Ron Paul's principles or ethics but he is not an effective manager. There is too much nepotism going on, and people with ulterior motives have too much power.

    Politics stinks. At least a lot of naive people learned a lesson. Hopefully, they won't have to repeat it.

  8. I just unsubscribed from C4L

  9. I'd just like to thank EPJ for having the courage to be honest about this depressing fiasco.

    It's hard to criticize the Ron Paul campaign. He's our hero, and it's his Last Stand in the political arena. But the truth is the truth.

  10. The email this morning from Gary Franchi that said Justin Amash is planning on endorsing Mitt Romney was very disheartening. He was a promising young champion of liberty. I wonder if Rand and co. got to him. If so, they must have some type of deal in the works.

    IMO though, any deal with the Mittster is worthless because he isn't going to win. Why sell your integrity for a chance to ride a sinking ship? Rand, Amash, etc., did not think this through very well even from a strictly political strategy standpoint.

  11. Am I the only one who believes Ron Paul never really wanted to be president in the first place? I think this best explains why his managers have so often rolled over for the establishment.

  12. "1) There was a disinformation attack on RP. Reports were leaked that RP conceded and said that if he won the nomination he would not accept it. The report was unfounded; Ron Paul himself came out and made a follow up statement saying that if is nominated HE WILL ACCEPT THE NOMINATION."

  13. I just unsubscribed from CFL. The incessant email blasts were bad enough, but I gave them a simpler reason: "The scoundrels Jesse Benton and John Tate".

    These "bureaucrats for liberty" are parasites. Rather than exploiting a great old man's legacy for personal gain -- and defanging his dangerous ideas for sake of political expediency -- I'd kill to see Benton and Tate try to generate $560K in income delivering goods and services on the market.