Monday, August 27, 2012

Jesse Benton Blames His "Team"

After spending most of the second half of the Ron Paul campaign in secret negotiations with the Romney campaign, Benton is now blaming the failure of Ron Paul to gain enough of delegates to get nominated from the floor, not on himself but on "his team."

That's it Jesse, share the negative and keep the positive (if you ever achieve anything positive) for yourself.

You'll do well inside the GOP establishment.


  1. So, Jesse, the GOP's cheating and crookery had nothing to do with the loss of Ron Paul's name on the ballot and speaking time at the convention? Is this bit of revisionist history part of your "deal" with Romney? I will never give a cent to C4L or any group with which these sellouts are involved.

  2. Simply nauseating. The contempt this displays, for the intelligence of the typical American, blows me away.

  3. Peter Schiff Confirms Jesse Benton Paul Festival Sabotage

    Peter Schiff: I'll probably just take a taxi cab. ...I'll just take a cab from the restaurant.

    Female: Oh, well - I just...

    Peter Schiff: This is what... this is all I know... this is what I got from Jesse. Uh.. "(Jesse) You might want to reconsider Paul Fest. The thing is bad news." "(Peter Schiff) Why aren't you guys involved?" I wrote that. "(Jesse) Bad people organizing it. Big fringe element; hoping the event goes away."

    Deborah Robinet: Yeah, I mean we got a bad rap... the whole way along. I mean, did you.. did you feel like we were a fringe element?

    Peter Schiff: I mean I didn't even know anything about it. The other people/speakers were.. lot of people coming to it, you know... I didn't know that...

    Deborah Robinet: Right, ask Sheriff Mack, Chuck Baldwin, Tom Woods, Lew Rockwell, Walter Block if they didn't have a great time yesterday.

    Peter Schiff: Yeah.

    Deborah Robinet: I mean talk to them. Ask them... ask them personally.

    Male: Before you leave, I was wondering if I can get this signed. I'm a huge fan. (hands Peter a book to be signed)

    Female: Bye, nice to meet you.

    Deborah Robinet: Nice to meet you too.

    Peter Schiff: (signs book) Here you go.

    Male: Thank you very much.