Saturday, August 18, 2012

Jon Corzine May Have a New Investment for You

Jon Corzine, who blew up MF Global and with it the "segregated accounts" of its customers, may have another investment opportunity for suckers investors.

PEU Report emails:
Jon Corzine is “weighing whether to start a hedge fund,” according to a NY Times article that also says the former MF Global boss is unlikely to face criminal charges for his role in the brokerage firm’s collapse


  1. "Banana Republic" tee shirts have now become a political statement.

  2. Might I suggest "MF PECKER Fund" for Corzine's possible offering.

    The MF comes from the firm he blew up. PECKER is my nickname for the private equity trade group. It's an acronym for "Private Equity Capital Knowledge Executed Responsibly."

  3. Rip the rest of his hair out and kick him in his ass repeatedly. Do this until he agrees to throw himself in jail. His criminal friends aren't gonna lock him up.