Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mario Rizzo: Romney Economics is Less Scratchy Toilet Paper

New York University Professor Mario Rizzo comments on his signing of the "Economists for Romney" statement:
I interpreted signing as restricted to economic policy issues. The statement itself speaks only to economic issues. However, at the time, I didn't realize the degree to which people would interpret this as an endorsement of Romney overall. (Yes, the headline is "Economists for Romney" but somehow I thought it was clear that it was only economics.) I do not endorse his views on foreign policy, civil liberties and social policy. Endorsement of his economic policy proposals is to be viewed only in comparison to Obama's policies(and also his lack of proposals to restrain spending). This does not represent my deepest ideals or a comprehensive economic philosophy. I believe it is akin to choosing the less scratchy toilet paper. I am distressed that some people would interpret my action as selling out to the GOP establishment or such. I am not looking for a job with a Romney administration. (They would never offer, anyway.I can't keep my mouth shut.)


  1. I don't know much about this guy's economic views although I agree with what he says here. But I give him an a A+ for metaphors. He's exactly right when he says it's a matter of choosing the less scratchy toilet paper. It's a great analogy.

  2. The problem is that Rizzo believes he has a choice in the matter.

    He doesn't.

    He's being used to support a system that is little more than a puppet show.

  3. "I do not endorse his views on foreign policy, civil liberties and social policy."

    Um, don't all of these issues involve economics in substantial ways, especailly foreign policy?

    What a crock.

  4. Mario Rizzo is good people.