Friday, August 10, 2012

Murray Rothbard on the Incentive Problem and Socialism

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  1. I think this is why socialistic govt's end up killing more of their own...because the damn 'people' won't work so 'screw em', what good are they then?

    As opposed to more republican/democratic gov'ts which kill other countries people more...because they can use the labor of their workers bees to kill the people of other gov'ts and keep their own people focused on producing for the elite out of fear.

    Obviously who gets killed is a little different, but the 'motivation' is the same...fear.

    It's interesting to watch the US transition to a more socialist "republic"(if there is such a thing) and watch the number of incarcerations go up as well as gov't killing it's own citizens.

    It's almost like a marker/gauge for the degree of socialism in the country....certainly by that metric China is far less socialist.