Thursday, August 2, 2012

Murray Rothbard on the Urban Housing Market Crisis

Circa 1970, Murray Rothbard talking about the housing problem in urban America.


  1. Wish this was a few hours longer!

  2. I just love the thinly veiled sarcasm and barely feigned surprise. The high rise projects in my city were taken down in the 90s. Replaced by lots of low rise ones. I'm just waiting for them to come down.

  3. I did read once about urban architecture being designed so that tenants have "space ownership" -- like separate outside enterances, steps that go to the sidewalk, etc. -- because if they feel they own the space, they are more likely to control violence/crime in that space. Space that is commonly used by many tenants has the oppose effect. I wonder if any building was replaced with design concepts like this.