Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Naomi Wolf on the Crackdown on Dissent in America

There's no question that Naomi Wolf is a leading left wing feminist, with some very strong views on the necessity for government central planning in the social and economic sector, however, there is no question she is one of the leading critics of the current crackdown by government on dissent. She clearly knows where all this is leading.

Below is an important interview she recently conducted with RT.


  1. My guess is that like most left wingers, she is only concerned about dissent with which she agrees. How can one be supporter of a collectivist driven society and at the same time support individual dissent? The two are like oil and water.

  2. Lots of people mix up Naomi Klein and Naomi Wolf. Along the lines of what Wolf is talking about here in Robert's post, see her book titled "The End of America," e.g. at http://www.chelseagreen.com/bookstore/item/the_end_of_america:paperback

  3. She clearly knows where all this is leading?
    Kind of like the moral degeneracy of the Weimar Republic helped lead to Hitler?
    Wait a minute, didn't we read yesterday something about how she approved of naked homosexuals in San Fran?
    She recognizes there is a problem, but she doesn't recognize she is part of it and she doesn't know what the real solution is. Really.

  4. She seems to have democracy as the end of her agenda. That is where she and I become very different.

  5. Leaking is bad, but publishing is good?