Tuesday, August 7, 2012

NYT Warns on Airport Security Scanners; Employees May Be Getting Cooked

When the New York Times starts warning about the health hazards of X-ray backscatter machines used at airports by the DHS, you know these machines must be pumping out some real bad stuff and the story is about to explode wide open. Most interesting, it appears that the DHS is cooking its own. Here's NYT:
Most experts agree that as long as the X-ray backscatter machines are functioning properly, they expose passengers to only extremely low doses of ionizing radiation.

But some experts are less sanguine, and questions persist about the safety of using X-ray machines on such a large scale. A recent study reported that radiation from the machines can reach organs through the skin. In another report, researchers estimated that one billion X-ray backscatter scans per year would lead to perhaps 100 radiation-induced cancers in the future. The European Union has banned body scanners that use radiation; it is against the law in several European countries to X-ray people without a medical reason...

T.S.A. officials scoff at scientists’ statements that measuring the effective radiation dose received by passengers is very complex, saying that it is not difficult, that the machines are inspected for problems at least once a year...

In a letter to the federal Department of Health and Human Services dated Oct. 12, 2010, the scientists said that “the casual nature for maintenance of these devices is alarming to us. These machines are capable of delivering large X-ray doses.

They added, “Hospitals usually check for problems on X-ray machines daily.”
What this means is that TSA employees may be really getting cooked. NYT continues:
Those at greatest risk, however, may be T.S.A. employees and others who work in the terminals and go through security daily. A 2004 National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health study of T.S.A. baggage screeners urged the agency to have employees wear film badges to monitor ongoing exposure systemically, as many hospital and lab employees do, and to label machines more prominently. The agency has not done so.


  1. It's my understanding that the CDRH was "encouraged" to give these assholes a bye when it came to radiation testing and compliance.

    You should see the frikkin' pile a paperwork and all the testing that I have to endure for my (much less potentially dangerous) medical lasers.

    We're talking YEARS of testing!!!
    And let's not forget, that these are not used on every mother father, son and daughter that have to pass through the airport.

    Don't worry though, they're from the government and they are HERE TO HELP US.

  2. So the TSA workers will get cancer and then sue the tax payers.

  3. A quote from the movie Saving Private Ryan comes to mind.

    "Let them burn"

  4. Don't worry, once these parasites become union, the union delegates will file a class action lawsuit, collect the big payout, and leave the TSA employees with a lump sum of about $80 each.

  5. Yes, in future years it will be seen that millions developed cancers due to these machines, and all they will get is a 'so sorry' from the GuvMint. Those consultants, companies, politicians that enriched themselves getting these useless (and dangerous machines) installed will be long gone by then.

  6. God. This is so sad. I mean really.


  7. I wonder if TSA workers will be exempt from Obama-care?

  8. I like my bacon cooked...

  9. Sorry, the TSA agents no longer go through the scanners. Same for pilots, flight attendants and terminal workers. Only us sheeple, except for young children,

  10. Thanks for the heads-up on NYT warns on airport security scanners! It contains truly information. Anyway I would like to say thanks for that exception write up! :)