Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Obama Propaganda Coming to a Theater Near You

A trailer is out for the movie, Zero Dark Thirty. the film is about the hunt and Killing of Osama bin Laden.

Christian Toto at Breitbart writes:
...why would a movie have information that hasn't been released to the general public about one of the most critical terrorist fighting missions in modern history?
It's almost as if the folks who spliced and diced the 1:15 minutes worth of promotional footage were mocking the fact that a sitting Congressman suspects the White House leaked secret information to the film's crew in an effort to boost President Barack Obama's re-election chances.


  1. Opening line in the trailer: "We're spending billions of dollars. We are still no closer to defeating our enemy." If the broad mass of people had a brain, that one line would have this movie fart in Obama's face instead of bolster his image.

    And we've long been directed to another "Hate Week" against Iran. All over the country, I can't stand the police "traffic teleprompters" that announce some local event, or thank a returning soldier for his "service." It is so bad now that it seems it's gonna take lots of people to be physically violated to wake up and stand against our rotten masters. Oh sure, they might abhorr Bloomberg's soda-nazi agenda, but they applaud gun control that disarms the innocent.

  2. That's funny. No one calls it "zero dark thirty". It's call "O Dark Thirty". They can't even get the propaganda right. Idiots.