Saturday, August 18, 2012

Passion and Persistence

James Altucher writes regularly about the importance of passion and persistence for success. There's probably no better example of this on television than Jay Leno.

Comcast's recent takeover of NBC is leading to layoffs across the network even at Leno's The Tonight Show. This despite the fact that Leno is very successful in his time slot and very important to NBC.

But what really caught my eye is this part of the story where Deadline reports on a Leno pay cut to save jobs at The Tonight Show:
Leno has said publicly that he’s able to bank his entire Tonight Show salary and live on the hefty fees he makes from his hectic personal appearance schedule. Leno’s new salary is reportedly $27M-$30 million a year. He reportedly brings home another $15M-$20M a year from his other gigs.

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