Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Romney Adviser: Consider Bernanke for a Third Term

Oh yeah, that Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan team is real anti-Fed.

Glenn Hubbard, economic adviser to Mitt Romney, said he would advise a possible President Romney that Bernanke should "get every consideration" to stay on beyond January 2014, when the chairman's current term expires, reports Reuters.

"Ben is a model technocrat. He gets paid nothing for getting kicked around all the time. I think they ought to pat him on the back," Hubbard said.


  1. However, he could just change his behavior and be less inclined to be kicked around. Then, perhaps, he might deserve a pat on the back.

  2. The City of London will do the picking. The front line flunkies will remain as such.

  3. Bernanke gets paid $199,700 per year as base salary, plus bonuses.

  4. The People: Consider Romney for No Term

    1. Sadly the alternative is even worse, by far. We have a lying piece of crap that promised the sun, the moon and the stars, and instead has not only practiced partisen politics as usual, but racked up significantly more debt for this country while killing jobs and making energy (and as a result just about everything else) more expensive. The average quality of life has gone down, and healthcare is already getting worse, even with just parts of Obamacare in effect. I would have loved to Ron Paul as president, but the reality is that either Obama or Romney will be elected. Of the two Romney is by far the lesser of two evils.

    2. We are better off with Obama as president and a Republican congress. Romney is a liberal and Republicans will not do battle against him, it'll be worse than Obama who they would stand up to.

    3. Thanks for your gracious comments. The truth that we are all grappling with, is that we "The People" have no choice in the upcoming election. Two candidates have been chosen for us by the power elite. Neither has the ability, the mandate, the intelligence, the morals, or the skills to lead us. What do we do?

      Some very credible people say don't play - just don't vote. The truth is that the election is not decided in the voting booth, but where the votes are counted. If only 3 people vote, the poles will show a landslide victory for one of these two losers - and so we find ourselves in what we think is a no win situation.

      Perhaps, if we all just stop - EVERYTHING - stop investing, consuming, paying, supporting, agreeing with, believing in, arguing about, hating, and killing - perhaps, just perhaps, the system will finally collapse and we can start start building what we all know must come next.

      Peace brothers