Monday, August 13, 2012

Ron Paul on Paul Ryan

Over at HuffPo, Laura Trice has dug up some old Ron Paul quotes about Paul Ryan and concludes:
With many Republicans excited about Paul Ryan's vice presidential nomination, there is one Republican who is less than enthusiastic: Dr. Ron Paul.
Ron Paul's budget plan would balance the budget in three years and lower taxes.
In an interview August 11, 2012 on Fox News, Dr. Ron Paul called Ryan's a timid plan that adds to warmongering and money the U.S. spends overseas and cuts social programs, like Medicare. He doesn't like that the Ryan plan might balance the budget in 30 years. Dr. Paul wants to cut overseas spending by first stopping "militarism" (policing the world), which he differentiates from national defense spending.
"In my program... I address that first [cutting overseas military spending] I want to get home so that you don't have to attack child health care or Medicare, even though those programs are bankrupt and you have to deal with them. But even in my first year of cutting a trillion dollars, I don't touch that stuff [child health care or Medicare]."
"I'm not going after the benefits the Medicare, I'm not doing that initially... I would cut the money that they are screaming about, this overseas militarism."
"I see people coming together... 67 percent people now want to come home from Afghanistan... I think the Republican lose the political argument immediately." The Republican plan is "We want more weapons but we are going to deny the elderly for their healthcare."
Rep. Paul has an excellent point.


  1. Romney is going to go down hard. All Obama has to do is lie and say that he's a peace candidate (like he did last time) and he wins in a landslide.

    1. Your probably right. Obama says: I brought most of our troops home from Iraq. We're working hard to wind down the fight against Al Qaeda. "Enhanced" security at home has increased protections for Americans as we transition from battle to diplomatic and economic development in the Middle East. I am aiming to increase dialogue with Iran (while we put "crippling" sanctions on them as Rombama calls them), so that they do not pose a threat by developing nuclear capabilities (use the vague term "capabilities," so that any current and future nuclear development can be seen as a threat at a time of the US government's choosing) that threaten the United States, or Iran's neighbors (Iran has not threatened or invaded neighbors in centuries; they were attacked by Iraq around 1980 with our support; furthermore, Iran's supposed threats to its neighbors is none of our government's business militarily). We will work to strengthen our relations with countries in the Middle East, by folding them into our plans for a New World Order, er am I mean, der, can someone reboot the teleprompter?

      There, thank you. What was I saying? Ah, yes: Accountability, respectability, affability, change, well-crotch visits, accountability, change, fair share, rights and responsibilities, accountability, God Bless America! (N.B. This Obama speech, in reality, would take far, far more time than I have indicated here; But it would essentially say the same thing)

      P.S. I met a Hungarian man, I assume in his eighties, who escaped Communism after spending time in a gulag. He says the American rhetoric is very similiar to the Communists 50 years ago. These ideas have infected us now for hundreds of years. Mises teachings on ideas are powerful and true.

  2. Yeah this Ron Paul guy kinda makes a little bit of sense huh? How about that. LoL!