Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ron Paul to Appear via Video at RNC?

That's the latest rumor circulating.

It's supposed to be a "tribute video".   The subject of the tribute is not exactly clear, perhaps it is Jesse Benton.


  1. I pray this is not true. There's nothing at that convention to pay tribute to other than the delegates that worked harder than his campaign to get him elected.

  2. Kinda reminds me of after MLK was killed. Suddenly it was safe to be a (Republican)supporter.
    Well, RP is retiring and he ***probably*** won't run again... So.....
    I for one, won't be watching. Goin' camping, I think. Preferably in Canada. (Yes, I'll be lookin' at real estate...

  3. That would be an incredible insult and would be taken accordingly.

  4. Query, might it be a tribute video TOO? to woo us? AS in maybe they finally figured out that the way to our hearts is through Ron Paul?