Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ron Paul Versus Obama

What could have been.


  1. Whoever made this video is an idiot. Missouri is a red state now and for the future. Pennsylvania is no way going Ron Paul. And seriously, Rand's state votes against his dad? Yes, an idiot made this video.

    1. It's a video game, don't take it so seriously. I don't know that he was attempting to guess the actual outcome.

    2. I assumed that it was based on actual polling data. I can't say for sure, but RP polled ahead of Obama before Jesse screwed the pooch for us.

  2. Robert, assuming that the party machine somehow failed to keep the nomination from Paul, do you really think that he would have been allowed to win the general election? If it is true that Kennedy was assassinated while in office by the CIA, do you think that they would hesitate to do the same to a contender who they saw as uncontrollable?
    And look at how effective they are at soft-power, subverting the father through his sons, offering 30 pieces of silver for their all too preliminary acquiesence to the status quo. The convention was an opportunity to seize the bully pulpit for one go, and force their hand. Delegitimization is all we have, it is the only benefit to participating in the process at any level, to expose it as a sham so that freedom can advance and take its place. That they were able to squash even this so effectively is a testament to the rigor of the state, and a clear signal that there is no real benefit to our participation in it.
    As for our Empire, I now truly believe there is very little we can do. Even with deliberate distortion of the media and vast majorities of people wanting to get out, the military will still carry on wars with no regard, and many people do not even know the full extent of the countries we are operating in with impunity. Combined with militarized police departments back home and a down economy, we are being shown they have no intention of tolerating the vociferous if things get really bad. And they have years of experience testing all their new little toys on our lesser subjects when they fall below the poverty line.
    Since the Renaissance the participants of the free market have begun to vastly outpace the constraints of the power elite. This reality is reflected in exponential growth of our population, who are able to survive happily while doing with less and more efficiently. The massive capital benefits of the Internet's many-to-many communications, and our relative freedom to travel and ship anywhere quickly are giving rise to massive infrastructure improvements. Manufacturing, construction, software, devices, agriculture, mining, medicine, et al are undergoing unbelievable technological transformations that will create more upheaval than any vote can affect or any state entity can fully control. The imminent collapse and defeat of their current fiat money schemes stands testament to their inability handle the reigns in their current form.
    If the above paragraph is true, then the way for Austrians and Libertarians is clear. Learn to create and be entrepreneurial. The Internet is an enormous frontier, educate yourself on it no matter what your background or expertise and you will discover a way to disrupt the market and make a ton of money. Are you young and don’t have any expertise? Go work for someone for a pittance doing something interesting and live cheap. There are 23 year olds in San Francisco that work coffee jobs so they can hang out and learn to code with talented people. Suck it up and realize that you are the smart ones because you get why the free market is so great. You have all those government check-takers beaten in the brains department, so getting ahead should not be that hard for you.

  3. (cont.)

    Those of us who read EPJ are aware of the maxim: “Them’s that gots the gold, makes the rules.” If that is true then we should be vying for that gold, and using it accordingly to fund those things which advance the cause of liberty. Wealthy libertarians mean libertarians that can fund causes, foundations, educational systems, businesses, and legal systems that reflect our values more accurately, and combat systems that create rights and obligations out of nothing and pay for it by fudging the truth for as long as they can.
    So don’t worry about Ron Paul. The achievements we should be focusing with him are his intellectual and marketing ones. Because of him, many many people know about Austrian libertarianism. His has been a productive life, well lived. Better for him and us all he no longer feels he needs to participate in that circus to have effective reach. Now let’s all focus on taking his, Mises’, and Rothbard’s work to its full conclusion by spreading the free market and uprooting the State from our lives.

  4. Stupid video. I want my 1:31 back of my life.