Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Federal Reserve Fears the People

Never believe any happy talk coming out of the Federal Reserve PR machine. The Fed does fear the people. In Washington DC, you can regularly see machine gun toting Federal Reserve police and an EPJ reader emails:

Thought you might get a kick out of this.  The checkpoints many have been talking about are now being put into place outside the evilest of all institutions - the Federal Reserve.

When I delivered my speech at the Fed, I had to go through two Federal Reserve checkpoints, where my ID was checked. At the second checkpoint, some kind of information was entered into a computer by the Fed security guard, while he had my ID.


  1. lol, I pass by there at least twice a week on my way to lunch. It is quite creepy.

  2. Why would the Federal Reserve need their own police?

    Isn't treasury assigned the currency enforcement mission already to be implemented by the Secret Service?

    Why does local security require law enforcement powers?

    This is yet another aspect of the Federal Reserve that stinks to high heaven.

  3. When I attended a Ron Paul hearing earlier this year with the key witness being Bill Dudley (NY Fed Bank Pres.), he had a phlanx of goons sitting behind him, of which a couple looked like academics-attorney's if he got hung up on a question, but others built like football linebackers appeared to be more akin to 'enforcement' 'muscle' 'protection.' As the light shines on them, they continue to attempt to burrow in further, insulating themselves.

  4. When I was filming outside the Federal Reserve in DC, I was approached by a different office on each side of the building. They all asked me questions about what I was doing, and it was clear they were trying to see if I kept my story straight.

    The first guy just talked to me and told me not to film entrances.
    The second guy reviewed all the footage on my camera.
    The third guy asked for my driver's license and sent my DL# to his commander. He also commented on how smart Ben Bernanke was.
    The fourth guy just talked to me.

  5. Maybe it is a secret entrance to 'UNCLE' Hqs. ala Del Floria's
    tailor shop of yore (graphic at


    Also see:
    U.S. Federal Reserve Police. Est. 2001: