Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac is a Better Organized Threat...

to the warmongering, bankster controlled Republican National Convention, than Jesse "Let's Make a Deal" Benton's led RP delegates.


  1. Jesse Benton is not our leader. However, your comment about our organization is well made. We're trying, but our ignorance is clearly a liability. Another liability is our limited time. Shame on Jesse Benton! He is supposed to have the time and knowledge to provide leadership, and he sucks. This reflects poorly on Dr. Paul as well.

  2. I owe much of my awakening to Dr. Paul, so it would be ungrateful of me to criticize him in any way, but I do wonder why so many people are quick to bash Benton (which I think is warranted), while at the same time absolving Dr. Paul of responsibility for Benton's actions.

    It seems to me that Dr. Paul either put his faith in the wrong people, or is fully on board with their agenda.