Monday, August 20, 2012

Under What Grounds was Brandon Raub Pulled from His House and Taken to a Psychiatric Hospital?

The more details emerge about the government grab of Brandon Raub for his comments on his Facebook page, the more this resembles an old Soviet style grab of a dissident. Reports seem to indicate that Brandon Raub, who was taken by Chestrerfield County, Virginia police, was not arrested.

According to Richmond FBI spokeswoman Dee Rybiski, the agency did not arrest Raub, but took him to John Randolph Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation.

It is difficult to understand under what grounds an American can be grabbed by government agents and taken to a psychiatric medical center. This is not your grandfather's America.

UPDATE The latest via the Richmond Times Dispatch:

A Chesterfield County man and Marine veteran is in a local hospital after being picked up by federal and local law enforcement officials concerned about threatening Internet postings.

Brandon J. Raub, 26, was in Hopewell's John Randolph Medical Center on Saturday.

"I'm currently in John Randolph in the psychiatric ward being held against my will," Raub said in a telephone interview...

Raub said Secret Service, FBI and Chesterfield police officers came to his home Thursday. "They were concerned about me calling for the arrest of government officials," he said.

He was taken to the Chesterfield police station and then to the hospital, he said.

"I talked to a Secret Service gentleman for 20, 30 minutes," Raub said. "I was very cooperative and answered everything honestly.

"I really love America, and I think that idea that you can be detained and sent somewhere without due process and a lawyer … is crazy."

Raub said he has been raising questions about 9/11 and signed a petition to reopen investigation of the terrorist attacks...

"Our office had received a complaint about threatening posts," said Dee Rybiski, spokeswoman for the Richmond FBI office. "As we would do in any circumstance such as this, our office along with Chesterfield Police (Department) officers went to interview Mr. Raub.

"The FBI did not arrest him," Rybiski said. "We are not commenting any further."

Chesterfield police Lt. Rich McCullough said Saturday, "We were assisting the FBI in a matter. All we did was transport" him to John Randolph for medical evaluation.

According to Secret Service spokesman Max Milien in Washington, "That subject was not arrested by us on any charges."


  1. Typical of what occurs in police states. Sending "disbelievers" to psychiatric facilities for "re-education."

    1. Now who is acting like the regimes that we (USA military and Hillary ) are helping overthrow because of human rights and political rights abuses????

  2. LRC had a good article a while back on the complicity of psychiatrists with the old Soviet regime in jailing dissidents under the guise of mental instability.

    This is just a rehash of older methods employed by the Soviet ruling elite to shut people up.

    I'd imagine eventually they'll be able to squirm out of the illegal detention by either:

    1. Having one of their on staff "doctors" declare him crazy.
    2. If they can't get that to stick and Room 101 isn't working or possible then I'd imagine the fall back will be his status as a former member of the military....which means that gov't owns you for the rest of your life even if you think you're "out" and can take you back under any circumstance.

    I'd imagine part of the 101 treatment will include telling him of the possibility of limitless incarceration since that's now deemed acceptable under our "justice" system.

  3. Note the Orwellism of holding someone in a building against his will while claiming that he is not under arrest. So just name the facility something other than "prison" and you can be arrested without being really and truly arrested.

  4. So... nobody arrested him. Local police just "transported him". FBI "went to interview him" but "did not arrest him"... but somehow he just magically ended up... in prison. YEP SOUNDS LIKE GOVERNMENT WORK TO ME!

  5. There's a radio interview with his mother on YouTube. She said the FBI told her (over the phone) that her son's facebook postings were "terroristic" in nature. By uttering the T-word, they are invoking the recently codified police state power to indefinitely detain American citizens suspected of terrorism.

    The late columnist Joe Sobran once defined "anti-Semite" as "someone hated by Jews," an allusion to the fact that the label was applied to silence dissent on the topic of Israel. Americans should realize that the word "terrorist" effectively means "someone whose rights the government wants to deny." The label of "terrorist" will be applied more and more liberally as the years go on, to the point that I suspect even boobus americanus will start to worry.

  6. Raub's mother said that an FBI agent said he was under arrest. She said the name of the Agent.

    It comes down to whether you believe she told a bald-faced lie when she claimed this person called her and, as an FBI agent, said her son was under arrest.

    The possibility that someone other than an FBI agent called and claimed to be an FBI agent is discoverable. Her phone bill will record the connection, and its owner. The employment status of the owner of that line as government or not can be determined through a records check at the phone company.

    But if you believe there was a caller who was an FBI agent (who else would have known to call so soon after Raub's detainment?) and that the caller said what Raub's mother said she did... it indicates BIG trouble.

    It means that Law enforcement generally (Secret Service, FBI, Local Law Enforcement) now need NO justification for indefinite detention, but only to seek a justification after the fact, with multiple possible offenses thrown at the defendant to see if they "stick". And indeed, there may be no 'defense' possible since no offense, no charge, and no arrest has been recorded.

    That leaves the defacto claim on the part of the government to be the power of arbitrary detainment by government, with government maintaining EXCLUSIVE right to determine whether further detainment - or other disposition - is necessary.

    Not even the Nazi SS, the Stazi, or Stalin's goons had more authority than that.

    It indicates a post-legal Amerika in which power at every level is TOTALLY unaccountable and whose position is ensured by unlawful detainment or historically speaking...murder.