Tuesday, August 14, 2012

VIDEO: Ron Paul on Paul Ryan

(Via The Liberty Crier)


  1. I almost can't stand Neil Cavuto more than screaming heads like Bill O'Reilly. Cavuto is always a patronizing butt-plug, feigning respect and interest in real people like Ron Paul. Cavuto plays the "good guy" who will let Ron on his show and listen to him, all the while making douche-bag sympathetic facial expressions and faking concern with Ron Paul's statements. Each one of these programmed robots serves to inculcate a particular response, or non-response from their audience.

    1. at least he has RP on his show, and fairly regular too it seems, compared to other shows. So, couldn't that be appreciated rather than looking a gift horse in the mouth?

    2. Don't forget that they need Ron Paul, not the other way around, he drives interest and traffic, and they know that. So they are presented with an interesting problem: how to have him on the show, but still to marginalize him. I have seen it dozens of times, and cavuto is one of the best, because he is so subtle with his douche-baggery.