Saturday, August 18, 2012

What Is the United States Up To?

Michael Rozeff discusses:

The empire has put in place the pseudo-legal "laws" that it needs to repress dissidents within America. It will use these "laws" and executive orders in order to quell restiveness and resistance among Americans. The reason for the domestic suppression is because the empire cannot expand overseas if its domestic population is not under firm control. The driving force in domestic suppression is the goal of world empire. This is why lovers and supporters of liberty should strongly condemn all of the many U.S. actions to expand empire.

The idea that I've just expressed is not widely known, much less accepted. So I'll repeat it again. The U.S. wants a world empire and is actively trying to achieve that aim. That's its number one priority. In order to achieve that, it needs a cooperative, compliant, and productive population and one that does not resist that aim. That is why the government has been putting measures in place that are repressive and destroy judicial rights.

According to an Iranian analyst who specializes in Russia, the Russians now understand what the U.S. is after. It has taken them a while for this to penetrate. He writes of the Russians

"Russian analysts maintain that the current foreign policy of the United States is based on two theories: 'ultimate realism,' and 'new liberalism.' As a result, the Americans actually believe that world countries are simply divided into the United States’ friends and enemies. Hostile countries, therefore, should be weakened and their presence in global and regional strategic arenas should be limited and even suppressed in political, economic and cultural terms.

"The new liberalism also claims that all wars break out between non-democratic states. Therefore, all countries should go through an American style democratization process and if needed, military means such as preventive war, can be used to achieve that purpose.

"As a result of the above arguments, Russia believes that the current political developments in the Middle East and North Africa are steered by the United States. Moscow firmly believes that a new wave of the world order has been initiated by the United States in order to create a new version of the past unipolar world system. The main targets of this wave, Moscow maintains, include North Africa, the Middle East, Iran, Eurasia, and finally China and Russia."

The U.S. supports radical Muslims and al-Qaeda operations when they stir up trouble in Muslim populations in regions near and in Russia so as to weaken Russia.

Readers will recognize that the doctrines described as applicable to the U.S. foreign policy are the Bush Doctrine and associated Bush and neoconservative ideas. The Obama administration has continued these policies. It has expanded them, innovated within them, and intensified them.

9/11 was a first class disaster for America's future due to the political forces it has unleashed and facilitated. Bin Laden is dead but he is getting his revenge as the U.S. government destroys American values in the name of those very values. I cannot think of a more insidious subversion.

The current election offers no choice on this central issue, which is not even seen as a central issue


  1. Garet Garrett wrote a paper in 1938 entitled “The Revolution Was.”

    “There are those who still think they are holding the pass against a revolution that may be coming up the road. But they are gazing in the wrong direction. The revolution is behind them. It went by in the Night of Depression, singing songs to freedom.”

    Michael Rozeff says “The U.S. wants a world empire and is actively trying to achieve that aim.”

    This seems true enough, however those who desire world empire are, in fact, working through the United States to achieve this end – most specifically a one world government.

    Why mention Garrett? There are many today in the United States who fear one world government, with impositions on American’s supposed freedom coming from outside organizations such as the United Nations. Just like those of whom Garrett wrote over 70 years ago, these concerned Americans today are looking in the wrong direction – not just the wrong direction, but to the wrong enemy.

    Every institution necessary for world government is in place. Many of those institutions were firmly established in the aftermath of World War II…when guess-which-country held all the cards. The United Nations, IMF, World Bank, NATO, etc…even the global currency was established at Bretton Woods.

    The United States took the place of Britain as being the tool to expand empire – a necessity given the limitations of British power and reach that were being exposed in the first half of the last century. In the aftermath of World War II, the U.S. tool played its part – establishing the institutions that would enable global consolidation.

  2. A very good outline of US thinking, but to clarify "US" in this case means the political elites of the two major parties. I doubt it has much popular support.