Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Walter Block Apology

Over at LRC, Walter Block issues an apology after misstating the terms upon which he agreed to speak at a Ron Paul gathering during the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

I wonder how many people in Walter's situation would make such a public apology, when it clearly shows he made a major error in his original accusations.

Nice job Walter in teaching us how to handle errors.


  1. Like many guys in the libertarian movement, he is an upstanding and honest fellow. For some reason I think libertarianism attracts such people.

    I felt so bad for him when he was giving his speech, because I know the topic well (evictionism) and I know that that is not what the audience was wanting to hear. They wanted, "rah rah, Ron Paul, 'merica, blah blah", and Dr. Block gave them libertarian theory instead. While it was probably one of his best tellings of this theory, it was unfortunately met with boos and hisses. The reaction on youtube during the live stream was just awful. I was curious why he chose such a topic for a rally. It's unfortunate that he forgot what he was supposed to speak about, not because the speech that he did give was bad, but because I felt uneasy listening to the audience reaction.

    As I told you before, Dr. Block, I still like ya.

  2. Very honest and professional of him.

    It still doesn't excuse the attendees for their embarrassing reaction to his theory though, whether or not they or I or anyone else agrees with it.

    1. Nothing to be embarrassed about, other than putting forth evictionism as an alternative to abortion. Block can be frankly disgusting at times, such as in his book Defending the Undefendable, saying prostitutes are happy in their choice. They may find it the best choice financially, but that hardly means they are happy in it.

    2. The ones interviewed from the Bunny Ranch on Stossel were happy with their chosen profession. I don't think you can speak for all prostitutes.

  3. He's one of the best guys in the libertarian community. Every time I email him with questions about any given topic he always responds back, and he'll give me more than enough resources to find the answers I'm looking for. I'll always have a special place in my heart for him since he is one of the three libertarians, along with Ron Paul and Tom Woods, that finally was able to bring my liberal dad around to libertarianism.

  4. i emailed him and told him to cut himself some slack. honest mistake. i honestly think it might have been a twist of fate b/c many of the pro-Life "constitutional conservatives" may have needed to hear a more intellectual, detailed approach to the situation.

  5. I wouldn't boo Walter Block. He's great.