Saturday, September 15, 2012

An Interview with Jimmy Israel (Producer involved with Mohammed film)

VICE has done some excellent work tracking down other players in the "Mohammed" film. If this was a CIA or Mossad operation using cutouts to distance themselves from the film, they have done an excellent job. You want cutouts to be so flaky that you really can't know for sure why they do anything. This sure fits this crew.

Of course, we all know Nakoula Bassely Nakoula (possibly using the alias Sam Bacile) is a former fraudster. Now VICE introduces us to Robert Alan Brown, who possibly uses the aliases Robert  Brownell and Alan B. Robert. And then VICE manages to get an interview with another person involved with the film, Jimmy Israel, who was born Jewish and states that he is now "mostly" Buddhist.

If you are really bored with your life, this article will give you a reason to live another day.

Make your choice, A. the CIA/Mossad is getting good at what they do, or B. these guys are just real fruitcakes. That it gets dubbed into Arabic on 9-11 suggests choice A.


  1. Check out this screen cap I took from a Russia Today video about protests in Australia:

    These guys look like characters from a fictional Glenn Beck production about 'Islamo-fascism.' Which makes me figure that they've been hired by some nefarious agency to whip up support for war in Syria/Iran/Libya.

    Seems like we're witnessing a coordinated PR push for something. Hopefully I'm wrong.

  2. Then there is choice C, we have a fascist government and Muslims will kill anyone they can get their hands on.
    The media is finding it useful to focus on this film but Al Jazeera had the Dem convention vote on Jerusalem on a continuous loop for several days. That seems just as likely a cause.

  3. And choice a': the protests are spurred by agents provocateurs. This whole situation smell to high heaven.

  4. Boy, Bob Wenzel sure does have a lot of faith in the competency of government: "the CIA/Mossad is getting good at what they do"--hahahaha, had to put my coffee down on that one. I'm surprised Wenzel isn't a huge fan of the FED and isn't lauding QE3 given his strong belief in the efficacy of central planning...

  5. who are the original organizers, creators, funders of the film? Jimmy Israel, alan roberts, steven goldberg (not yet identified), the coptic ex con who worked for an israeli mafia crime ring?. Not evangelical christians pushing their message of hate.

    c cannonfire blog on the mossad angle