Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ayn Rand Institute is Now Promoting the Cato Institute

Have the war drums been delivered to Cato yet? Will we soon see Cato blog posts like we now see at ARI:
Here we go again: More bloody violence from the Middle East, more angry threats from Islamists, more appeasing whimpers from the White House and the State Department—it’s like a movie on an endless loop, one that we’re condemned to watch over and over.

Except that we have a choice. There’s a way out of this theater of horrors—a way to win this supposedly unwinnable war—and the Ayn Rand Institute has been talking about it for many years now. In articles, op-eds, lectures, panel discussions, blog posts, letters to the editor, and press releases, we’ve been warning about how Western appeasement of Islamist aggression encourages further aggression.


  1. Sadly, FEE is also coordinating events with the Ayn Rand Institute now.

  2. War is the ultimate Big Government program. Do these guys not know that?

  3. Yeah, yeah, their "rational" solution: EXTERMINATE ALL THE BRUTES.

    1. Nuke 'em all and let Ayn Rand sort 'em out.

  4. I've tried so hard to engage my Objectivist friend on foreign policy issues and he, the ultimate crier of "context ignorer!", likes to start his analysis of who is right and who is wrong right in the middle of some historical conflict. For example, US relations with Iran begin in 1979... nothing else leading up to that is relevant to the analysis according to him.

    Totally hopeless for these people. Well intentioned, but self-delusional.