Sunday, September 30, 2012

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Jerry Seinfeld and Michael Richards getting coffee. Don't miss Richards' story about playing chess with a street person. Here.


  1. Kramer is still suffering from his racist rant. Being branded a racist is the scarlet letter of our time. His comments suggest that the incident ended his desire to be a comedian. Being racist is dumb, and as Ayn Rand described in one of her essays, just another form of collectivism, but getting bent out of shape over racism alone is equally dumb. I've talked to several people who have admitted they voted for Obama because he was black, despite the fact they disagreed with him. One lady was white a Republican who is married to a black guy, and felt that she needed to vote for Obama because she didn't want to tell her children (that she hopes to one day conceive) that she didn't vote for the first black president. I guess that means she was afraid her future-kids would think of her as a racist since she voted for the white guy. To me, that is racist, but more importantly, it's ridiculous.

    1. Thank you Robert for providing that link. I had forgotten about that web show since I watched the first episode but I see plenty more has been added and they were all fantastic!!!

      This clip from Curb your enthusiasm pretty much sums up my take on the whole Michael Richards incident btw:

  2. It was interesting to see Richards speak about the comedy club incident. He looked like a guy who had genuine remorse, not because he got caught, but because of what he did.