Thursday, September 20, 2012

Coming Up on The Robert Wenzel Show

This Week's Guest is James Gourley

Sunday September 23rd


  1. Bob, you'll have to ask Jim about his involvement with Soros...very curious to get some details on that.

    Also, I'd be curious to know how he came to the "Austrian" view of things. Was it on his own? Did he stumble across some particular literature?

    1. >you'll have to ask Jim about his involvement with Soros

      I've heard that brought up in other interviews, and he usually does not talk much about his time spent with Soros. Besides, that was years ago, and who really cares about it at this point, I surely do not?

      Met him many years ago at a World Economic Forum event, and seems as down to earth today, as he did back then.

      Look forward to the interview.

  2. Robert if you're reading these comments, I'd love to hear someone ask Jim about his interview style. I think Jim has one of the best approaches in the world toward giving interviews.

    No matter the interviewer he's able to get his point across well while never coming off as holier than thou, pretentious, or offensive.

    I think it's a skill we all should have and develop. It's too easy for us to fly off the handle when we talk with others about liberty, economics, etc. and it doesn't help our plight at all.

    That and let him know I love the bow ties and if he's ever in the DC area and wants to ride motorcycles together I'm there.