Monday, September 3, 2012

Free Market Roads versus Crony Stop Lights

Here's a great example of how people think government planning is required. But take away the government control and it is absolutely amazing how much better things are.

(ht Chris Leavitt)


  1. The "Fit Roads - Roads FIT for People" web site has been relaunched as "Equality Streets" . They have other information on their campaign against traffic lights here

  2. Aaahh "Spontaneous Order!!""""".

    So frikken cool!

    We've all seen it during power outages, right?

    Maybe we should take a cue from Richard Thompson and "Shoot out the Lights"!

  3. "They have since replaced the scheme with a set of mini roundabouts (traffic circles). Not sure they really needed to do this. I miss the empathy effect I used to get without lights or roundabouts. I would say it is slightly slower now with the roundabouts!
    Empathy works! Every time I get stuck at traffic lights or grid locked roundabouts I think back with affection to that wonderful time where the lights were removed in Portishead and think why can't they do that at this junction I am at now!"