Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gary North on the Harvard Law Review

North writes:

Harvard Law Review [is] the most prestigious academic journal in the field of law, through which law students at Harvard Law School judge the relevance and competence of articles submitted by America’s practicing lawyers and law professors. (Law is the only field in which a tiny group of self-screened, professionally non-certified kids judge the intellectual competence of the best legal minds in America, which gives you some idea of the overall wisdom of the American legal profession.) 


  1. Those with their heads out of the sand recognize that "Law Reviews" are worthless and a blatant waste of time.

    There are several legal professors out there writing about the absurdity of the law school system and legal profession.



    Each points out that no one reads the Reviews, and no one cares either. It's an endeavor full of mental masterbation that (I believe) largely serves to legitimize all sorts of court decisions that violate individual rights.

    I speak as an out of work Attorney and recent law school graduate that has an inside perspective on the entire rotten practice.

  2. When I read that line in his write up and LOL'd.

    It's so funny but true.

  3. I'm a law student who works on a law journal. I can tell you first hand how worthless these things are. Best part is that there are so many law journals (because law students consider it prestigious to be on a journal's staff, so they just keep creating new journals to make new spots for students) that the demand for publishable articles exceeds supply. So just about any crap can get published somewhere. Granted, more prestigious journals are in huge demand by authors. But so many law journals are beyond worthless. It truly is the inmates running the asylum in this field.

    1. If you're still a law student it's not too late for you to take out the maximum amount of loans and buy precious metals. I wish I had the stones to do so when I had the chance in the Spring of 2009.

      I'd have nearly half my debt paid off at this point from the profits on Au/Ag.

      As a reader of EPJ, I hope you're raising all sorts of hell in CrimLaw, ConLaw, and especially Admin. I was hated during 3L. There are smart people in law schools, but wow are they short sighted and narrow. I took a full time externship for my last semester to get out of there.