Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How the Electoral Vote Currently Stands

According to the University of Virginia's Center for Politics, if the election were held today, President Obama could count on 237 solid or likely electoral votes, Gov. Romney 206.

This means, with 42 days to go, Obama needs roughly 33 more electoral votes to win. Romney needs 64.

Here are the swing states:

Colorado 9 electoral votes

Florida 29 electoral votes

Iowa 6 electoral votes

Nevada 6 electoral votes

New Hampshire 4 electoral votes

Ohio 18 electoral votes

Virginia 13 electoral votes


  1. Either way America loses

  2. Well, well, well. Just a couple of months ago, cheating Ron Paul and disenfranchising his legitimately elected delegates was great sport for the criminals at the GOP. Now that Intrade has Obama at 73.3% and the hapless Romney continues to fade, the Redumblicans are realizing they've stepped in it. Big time. Even a jaded old man like me has been surprised by the shameless, craven begging by the GOP op-ed drones lately and the twisted appeals for libertarians to vote for Barry O's brother by another mother.

    Romney is an unlikeable, priviledged robot; but the fix was in. The GOP will have to take their medicine.

  3. I am looking forward to telling Romney potential voters how they would be wasting their vote on someone who can't win.

  4. Don't blame me.... I voted for Kodos!