Saturday, September 8, 2012

How to Dress Like a Central Planner with a Drone Kill List

Hendrik Pohl of reviews the fashion sense of the great interventionist, drone killer and his sidekick:

Who Was Better Dressed Last Night, Obama or Biden?

Although Obama and Biden are running mates during the upcoming election and are not in competition with one another in terms of their jobs, there is indeed a bit of rivalry when it comes to who dresses better. While Obama typically dresses in a plain, simple, and conservative fashion, it is Joe Biden who usually decides to bring more color to his wardrobe. In the past we have seen Biden wear brightly colored ties in purple, pink, and orange – something that is quite unusual for the common blue and ruby red tie choices politicians typically make. This difference in style was also apparent during last night’s Democratic National Convention. Now the questions comes, who was the better dressed of the two?
Suit Fit: Biden Takes the Lead
Fit is everything when it comes to a man’s suit, and properly tailored piece can even make a cheaper model look better than a more expensive designer piece. Both, Biden and Obama, wear a very similar cut suit: single breasted, classic standard width notch lapels, and solid black in color. Although the suits are almost identical it is the fit that makes them stand apart. Biden’s suit is perfectly tailored while Obama’s suit looks a bit too baggy. It is apparent that Obama has lost some weight since he stepped into office. Without doubt, being President of the United States must be stressful and time consuming, but that’s not an excuse to skip a trip to a tailor. Hopefully Obama get’s his classic suits altered before he starts looking like Ron Paul.
Shirt Fit: Obama Redeems Himself
While the suit looks better on Biden, Obama redeems himself with his shirt fit. The collar fits tight without causing discomfort, the sleeves are at the right length, and the cuffs are proportionate to Obama’s thinner wrist. Biden’s shirt also fits well for the most part, but it is the poorly fitted cuffs (pictured), that cause a bit of a disconnect to his well tailored suit.

The Necktie: Points to Obama
In a recent Huffington Post article fashion critic Willow Lindley points out that Obama’s favorite tie color is blue. In her article she points out that Obama wore a blue tie 42% during his first 50 days in office, compared to red at 30%, and gray and black both at about 13%. Regardless of Obama’s monotonous tie choice, I still think Obama did a much better job at picking his blue and gray striped tie than Biden did with his somewhat clashing pink and bright blue accessory. Should you like Obama’s tie, then I actually found it on our sister site Bows-N-Ties for just $18.90 (see, and/or click on the image for details).

joe-biden-striped-tieCollar Spread & Tie Knot: Kudos to Biden
Both are wearing the white dress shirts, and although both shirts appear to be similar, it the collar spread that sets them apart. Obama picks a narrow spread collar that is well balanced with a narrow Four in Hand knot. Biden on the other hand picked out a slightly wider spread collar that gets proportionally accessorized with a wider half Windsor knot. Even though both men did a good job in pairing the tie knot to the shirt collar, it is Biden’s shirt that is a bit more attractive. The reason: His wider collar spread looks better in proportion to the somewhat wider suit lapels.

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  1. From the article: "Hopefully Obama get’s his classic suits altered before he starts looking like Ron Paul."

    Maybe he should get a brain transplant to start thinking like a moral human being too. If Biden is fashionable, that's all he has. A brain transplant won't work for him. Check out Biden's interview with Jan Helfeld.