Thursday, September 6, 2012

Keith Olbermann on 9/11 Truth

Pretty good answer from a major league advocate of central planning and economic interventionism.

(ht Travis Holte)


  1. That is a pretty good answer for someone whose bread and butter is the MSM.

    Credit where credit is due. I was a bit annoyed back in 2008 when the allegedly anti-war Olberman, never invited Ron Paul to his show or hardly even mentioned him during that election. I always thought that might have won over a lot of anti-war, pro-civil liberty dems to Ron Paul.

    He was about as good as the MSM would ever provide back in 2005-6, though, and they yanked him off the air. So he must have been doing something right.

  2. That was so weird-- he's such a stupid douche 99.9% of the time. I feel, all of a sudden, like I might occasionally be wrong about things and I might not have all the answers. What is this... strange... feeling. Is this... what it feels like.... to be wrong? Is truth... relative.... can't... synthesize.... belief that Olbermann is a stupid douche... with this clip.... head... pounding...

  3. Wow, I'm impressed. I would have definitely expected him to be a total asshole, and he answered the question with tremendous insight and sincerity.

  4. Luke and his organization are doing pretty incredible things. They are genuine journalists, and their skills will continue to sharpen as they conduct what is frequently dangerous work.

    I have heard that they are ridiculed for ambush journalism, a la Michael Moore. Yet, Luke has pointed out that many of these people, especially politicians, will never schedule appointments for sit-down interviews. Since asks real questions that the mainstream media fail to ask, I would dismiss this criticism. What I find to be encouraging is that Luke seems to be knowledgable about the free-market, since he realizes that both parties are nearly indistinguishable. I have heard supportive statements from him on Ron Paul, too.

    On August 18th, he covered the 2nd annual Lemonade Freedom Day, where vendors illegally sold lemonade and raw milk in a public park near the Capitol. Last year about 3 people were arrested for doing so. This year, more supporters and customers showed up, and no one was arrested. Washington had better things to do this year. Imagine if we peacefully disobeyed, all over the country, at times of our choosing? Unstoppable.

  5. Olbermann has a great voice and presence like Jeff Riggenbach, or Orson Welles. Would be great if he became a Rothbardian.

  6. I don't agree with Olbermann (wow, that's new... not). As soon as you mention to someone anything about "who" or "why" regarding 911, you are instantly pegged a "conspiracy nut."

    But when someone concludes from the evidence (especially presented by that there's absolutely no way those buildings came down from the planes, the wheels start turning. Then *they* start asking, "who" and "why"...