Friday, September 14, 2012

Libertarian Society- What about corrupt or criminal market courts? by Murray Rothbard


  1. These unique ways of explaining how market processes could solve current issues are what this country needs. There are other ways of doing things.

  2. Interesting. A question popped into my mind while watching though.

    What happens when society itself is polarized? Whether it's the left/right political polarization in the U.S. or the religious polarization in the Middle East.

    Those are just examples, but if society is polarized in some way and some of the courts reflect that polarization, those polarized courts would have legitimacy with whatever polarized end they reflect.

    How would that be resolved? I'd like to think that the courts that are truly objective would become a middle ground... but when I consider how biased and polarized some people are today, I don't think they'd even accept objective rulings on certain topics.