Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Line of the Week

"The world is not really crawling with crooked papyrologists."

In a fascinating article.


  1. Actually modern travelers to Egypt are warned about purchasing fake papyrus and forged historical documents is a one of the oldest professions. (See here.)

    Indeed there are even cases from recent decades of forged documents that were planted in national historical archives apparently to divert and mislead historians (see here.)

    Journalists are often said to write "the first rough draft of history." Everyone knows 'not to believe everything you read in newspapers.' The same warning should probably apply to later drafts of history too!

  2. Why would anyone be surprised? If you actually read up on the history of the Bible and all of the editing that went on in the editing sessions in Alexandria and then the organized burning of all previous versions of the Bible to erase any evidence of what they did you would not be surprised about this at all. Here's a highlight list:

    1. The removal of early Protestant references that later resulted in the Protestant reformation and almost split the church circa 330 AD because of the war over a personal God that you could speak to versus having to speak to a priest who spoke to God for you through the Pope. (You can guess who won back then if you look at who stood to gain the most just like today.)
    2. The removal of several other testaments by other disciples.
    3. The immaculate conception myth added centuries later.
    4. The addition of revelations by a completely crazy Pope.
    5. The assertion that Mary Magdalene, likely Jesus' wife, was a prostitute.
    6. The editing to eliminate all specific references to "the other disciple", likely Mary Magdalene, by the early church because of their belief that women were evil care of Genesis.
    7. The Protestant removal of several books of the bible for the King James version so as to remove the offensive suggestions of Deuteronomy among others.

    In short, the New Testament is fiction created by men to control the masses. It is artfully edited to enrich the early church(es) power and ensure a pliable populous.

    Further the old testament is largely plagiarized stories from events of the time. As an example the flood story is a rip off of stories brought from the survivors of the land bridge between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea collapsing and flooding the region.

    It's a book written by men trying to explain the world around them with their relatively nieve and ignorant views and then later manipulated by others as a control mechanism. The same is true of the Koran.

    If we all just got over it and realized that your belief in God is because you want to believe in God and it's comforting to you, and that there is absolutely no real proof of His existence so you're on your own if you really want to believe, then most of the religious wars would go away and we'd all be far better off recognizing that there is no way to be sure that God exists and thus have no right to tell one group that they're wrong and you're right.