Saturday, September 15, 2012

Massive Protest in Spain

RT reports:
Tens of thousands of protesters from across Spain gathered in Madrid to decry austerity measures enacted by the government. Activists accused leaders of “destroying” Spain with brutal program cuts and tax hikes, aimed at avoiding an EU bailout.

Some 50,000 protesters converged in waves in the center of the Spanish capital, blowing whistles and waving banners that read, “they are destroying the country, we must stop them.” Representatives from over 230 civic and professional organizations also turned out to express anger at the new measures, amid cries of “lies!” and “enough!”

Demonstrators called for a referendum to decide whether the unpopular public sector cuts instated by Mariano Rajoy’s government should continue.
Of course, these protesters are clueless to the fact that the Spanish government has no money to continue government spending at current rates. Therefore the only way such spending can continue is through money printing, which will destroy the value of the currency.

The only sound solution for Spain is to drastically cut government spending and taxes, to allow the free market to bloom. On the Robert Wenzel Show, I discussed this with Livia Elena Araujo PĂ©rez, who explained some of the ways the government hampers the free market.


  1. Before I saw this post I was running through Power and Market again. Thought Murray quoted Calhoun it was a shock when I saw this post. Shocking in that I was just thinking of a picture exactly like this on the streets of America. It also helps one to understand fully the motivations behind it. I like how Ron Paul points out symptoms when debating people. We like to concentrate on symptoms rather than the sickness. Here's a run down of the sickness:

    "The necessary result, then, of unequal fiscal action of government is to divide the community into two great classes: one consisting of those who, in reality, pay the taxes and, of course, bear exclusively the burden of supporting the government; and the other, of those who are the recipients of their procees through disbursements, and who are, in fact, supported by government; or, in fewer words, to divide it into tax-payers and tax-consumers.

    But the effect of this is to place them in antagonistic relations in reference to the fiscal action of government and the entire course of policy therewith connected. For the greater the taxes and disbursements, the greater the gain of the one and the loss of the other, and vice versa..."

  2. It's so colorful and well organized. How do they all get such professional looking signs? Have to wonder how much that protect cost?

    1. Sorry, typo: Have to wonder how much that protest cost?