Thursday, September 6, 2012

NYPD Opens Branch in Israel

Behind the opening of the branch in Sharon, Israel is the NYPD decision that the Israeli police is one of the major police forces with which it must maintain close work relations and daily contact, reports Al-Monitor.

Al-Monitor continues:
Ben-Naim was chosen for the mission of opening the NYPD branch in Israel. He is a veteran detective of the NYPD and a former Israeli who went to study in New York, married a local city resident and then joined the local police force. Among the things he has dealt with in the line of duty are the extradition of criminals, the transmitting of intelligence information and assistance in the location of missing persons, both in the United States and in Israel.

It was decided, in coordination with the Israeli police, that the New York representative would not operate out of the United States embassy but from a building of the Sharon District Police headquarters, situated close to the Kfar Sava station. The NYPD sign was even hung at the entrance to the district headquarters, and Ben-Naim’s office is situated on the first floor of the building.
Very odd stuff, especially since Israel does not as a general practice extradite Israelis to the United States.


  1. What do you think sheeple.They are going to learn population control from the best.Just ask Palestinians.

  2. Entangling alliances are not a good thing for this country, and Israel is the prime example.

  3. The NYPD is now opening offices abroad in Israel? Talk about an out of control outfit. The NYPD is a city police force. They are supposed handle local crimes in the city like theft, rape, murder, and smoking. Besides naked pandering to the Jewish community, what are they doing in Israel? This is just the latest incident of Bloomberg and Ray Kelly trying to turn the NYPD into some sort of global CIA-like operation. It is a scandal, and it is also totally ridiculous.

  4. Why don't they just move the White House and Congress to Israel and be done with it already? Could probably put that swampy real estate in Foggy Bottom to better use anyway...

  5. In other news, Israel opens branch in Oval Office.

  6. As far as I'm concerned, this is an unsubstantiated story. I tried to trace it back to it's source, backwords from your link. The source is supposed to be the Maariv newspaper in Israel. It is cited as "page 22". No date. No more Maariv in English online. Assume it is either in Hebrew, but I was unable to find reference using google translate. It may be in the print edition in Israel itself, but who knows? This may be another example of internet rumor spreading like wild fire because it sounds intriguing.

    Bob, I love the site and read it daily. Because I care about your site and wish you success, I urge you to confirm stuff like this lest it turn out to be crap.

    BTW, AL as in AL Monitor news, means "the" in arabic. I could not find an editorial policy on their website to indicate any political/philosophical slant. Do you know them?

    Dave in NY