Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oh Boy, Monica Lewinsky Set to Reveal Bill Clinton's Sex Secrets

Monica Lewinsky is promising to reveal secret love letters to Bill Clinton and his penchant for kinky sex in a new tell-all about her days as his favorite intern, reports NyPo.

NyPo goes on:
Lewinsky, who turns 40 next year, is out for “revenge” and ready to air bombshell details from her Oval Office trysts with the former Horndog-in-Chief in a $12 million memoir, according to friends.

Lewinsky never got explicit in past interviews about her Clinton encounters, but now plans to describe his “insatiable desire for three-way sex, orgies and the use of sex toys of all kinds,” one pal told the National Enquirer.

According to her friends, Lewinsky also will recount how Clinton referred to wife Hillary as a “cold fish” and “laughed” about their “non-existent sex life.”
BTW, Jesse Ventura in his new book, DemoCrips and ReBloodLicans, hints that Clinton might have been set up by Lewinsky. At one point he writes:
Of course, nobody gets shot (generally speaking); they just get paid off and set up (think Monica Lewinsky and Clinton's impeachment).


  1. Is "Monica Lewinsky turns up missing" showing up on InTrade yet?

  2. Ugh! I think I'm going to be sick.

  3. When is her "car accident"?

    1. That's the whole bit: she got too well known to be "offed". This book is more akin to an insurance plan than anything else. That poor and frightened woman!

      But see, that's the other side of the story, if she really let it all fly, then she'd surely be killed. It's all a game, and she'll keep getting rich by it just so long as she keeps her shading of events within the predetermined lines.

      She knows her situ, and there is no doubt in my mind that beyond all of the sensationalism and entrigue, that her *new* book will be just a spattering of all of the other shit that you heard in the 90s. Sure, it will seem new to those that don't remember, but it will be all of the same shit to those that do remember. I guarantee that there will be no new revelations of Monica Lewinski and her beau in this new book. It's a repeat!

      This is a diversion. Something is going on, and somebody doesn't want us to see. That's my take ...

    2. Whoa! Did I say "book". I must've gotten a little ahead of myself ... That'll be out next spring.

  4. Monica needs money. Perhaps this proposal is a public signal to be paid off before something more unsavory emerges to tarnish the reputation of the great global visionary rapist thug. But she certainly knows there are boundaries too dangerous to cross. In the conversations Linda Tripp famously recorded, Lewinsky and Tripp frankly discussed being murdered if they made a wrong move during the Clinton drama. The media never had any interest in the implications of those fears.

  5. Wonder if Monica has heard of Kenneth Trentadue?

  6. Maybe she watched Bill Clinton smugly endorce Obama at the DNC Rally and she is wondering why he is being held up in high regard and not shunned by Democrats? It amazes me that Bill Clinton basically molested a young intern in the Oval Office while being paid by tax payers and the Dems could care less. If I were to have sexual relations with an Intern at work I would have my clearance revoked and be terminated immediately. Then again there was Chappaquidick.