Tuesday, September 18, 2012

OMG, Rand Paul Is Out With a Money Raising Letter for the National Republican Senatorial Committee

Keep in mind these are the same Republicans who ignored the electoral votes Rand's
father received and subverted in every way possible the Ron Paulians. Here's Rand's full letter addressed to "Conservative Friend":

From: "Sen. Rand Paul" <Sen.RandPaul@wta010.com>
Date: September 18, 2012 1:02:39 PM EDT

Subject: Dedicated

Conservative Friend, 
As a true fiscal conservative, I believe you deserve full transparency when it comes to how the government spends your money, which should be done as effectively as possible.
I feel the same way about the funds you offer to the National Republican Senatorial Committee.
There is a three-for-one matching gift offer going on right now, so if you contribute $25 today, the real total will be $75, which can make a huge difference on Election Day.  
The NRSC is solely dedicated to electing a new Senate Republican Majority and removing Harry Reid from power as Majority Leader.
And the only way we can do that is with your financial contributions, which help pay for:
*** Direct financial support to Republican Senate candidates.  This is important, because we’ve got a lot of conservative challengers taking on entrenched Democrat incumbents who have spent the last six years building up huge warchests.
*** Hard-hitting television and radio ads, holding liberal Senators accountable for their support of the Obama-Reid big government agenda.  This is the most expensive part of any federal campaign, and every GOP candidate in a tough race needs the NRSC to advertise heavily in their states.
*** Aggressive direct mail programs, highlighting the differences between the Republican and Democrat candidates on major issues.  Unlike TV and radio, direct mail targets specific households, so we can appeal to people we know are “swing voters” and talk to them about the issues they care about.

Every dollar you contribute will be matched by three dollars, for a tremendous impact in support of our campaign to elect a new Senate Republican Majority.

Rand Paul
U.S. Senator – Kentucky


  1. Won't take long for the hoardes of Rand Paul trolls that read this site to come in and defend this move as pragmatic.

  2. I received that yesterday although I had already unsubscribed to the campaign for freedom mailing list.

    Hopefully my second unsubscribe and "Fuck You Judas" note will do the trick.

    1. Keep in mind that Jesse "Et Tu" Benton sold the CFL and Paul '12 email lists to McConnel, as well as the RNC.

      Let the spam begin.

  3. A Republican Senator is trying to raise money for Republican Senate candidates? Hold the presses!!

  4. "you deserve full transparency..."

    "Every dollar you contribute will be matched by three dollars..."

    Ahem...from whom?

  5. My Dearest Rand,

    Ingest exrement and expire.


  6. Well, the Republican National Senatorial Committee is not the same as the RNC. What is the surprise that Rand Paul - a libertarian-conservative Republican senator, send out a fund-raising letter to Republican senatorial candidates, some of the candidates that have been endorsed by Ron Paul (like Ted Cruz (TX) and Kurt Bills (MN). OMG, the horror: Rand Paul trying to raise money for candidates his father endorsed! How terrible!

    For who is then supposed to send fundraising letters? To the LNC or to Libertarian Senate candidates? which would mean his immediate expulsion from the GOP and as senator? Get real.

    Would the least bad REALISTIC outcome of this year's election not be that Obama wins the presidency, Gov. Gary Johnson (a more practical libertarian, without a solid libertarian theory albeit) gets more than the difference - at least in some states - between the two major presidential candidates and the GOP retains the house and gets the majority in the senate?

    This will mean that BO is restrained in his agenda, the GOP should blame Romney-Ryan (not Ron Paul supporters) for the loss, and the GOP is forced to move in a libertarian way, also re. FP and lead to a real debate, and not only Ron Paul Republicans, but also other grassroot Republicans put enough pressure on the RNC to change the dreaded bottom-down change and restore the bottom-up tradition.