Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nobody Loves Palestine

This video explains in nine minutes the Palestinian story and beyond.

(ht TG)


  1. Well, this should certainly squelch any erroneous ideas that you are a Zionist, as some recent commenter has accused (you of being).

    They don't seem to understand that you're an anti-statist, thus you don't see the legitimacy of ANY state, let alone a Zionist state. You reject the entire idea of a state.

    Oh well. Maybe one of these days they'll peg you correctly, but not today apparently. LOL

  2. I really know little if anything about a lot of the conflict thats going on in the middle east. Can anyone recommend some good books or articles?

    1. "A Peace to End All Peace, 20th Anniversary Edition: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East" by David Fromkin

  3. The video could have also mentioned the arab immigration to the palestine region that was caused by the economic development of the area's settled by jewish settler's. It could have also mentioned the improvment of desert land that was engineered by the Jews. It could have also mentioned the constant anti-jewish propaganda that is spread in Palestine and other Arab countries, only to feed the hate of the Jew, something that will also remain a major obstacle to any peace.

  4. I found this video to be interesting, it explains the strategic importance of Israel's borders from Israel's perspective, and thus it's unwillingness to withdraw form palestine.

  5. The idea of a Palestinian state came about because Jordan refused to sign a peace treaty with Israel after the 1967 war. Israel offered to trade the land it had conquered back to Jordan in exchange for peace. But Jordan didn't want the West Bank back because it didn't want all of those trouble making Palestinians.

    Israel didn't want the West Bank or Gaza either for the same reasons. So Israel began preparing the West Bank Arabs to run their own state. Their plan probably would have worked because there were many moderate Palestinians at the time. But the Norwegians sprung a plan to make Arafat the head of a new Palestinian nation. Europe and the US supported the Oslo plan against Israeli opposition and forced Israel into accepting it.

    Arafat made the Palestinians even more radical and peace was never possible from the moment he assumed power.