Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Poland and Bulgaria Shelve Plans to Join Eurozone

A wise move by the two countries. Nothing good is going to come out of the EZ. And most likely very bad---perhaps near hyperinflation.

In an interview with WSJ, Bulgaria’s prime minister said he had decided to shelve the plans as the European economy continued to deteriorate – circumstances which had dampened any public support.

“The momentum has shifted in our thinking and among the public,” Boyko Borisov said. “Right now, I don’t see any benefits of entering the euro zone, only costs.
Poland’s foreign minister meanwhile said that while his country had passed a referendum on euro membership, it wouldn’t rush into seeking membership until the currency’s broader problems had been sorted out.
"You can hardly blame us – that we don’t want to join as long as the Eurozone is in a serious crisis. We are willing to join, if you have solved your problems," he added.

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  1. Smart move by my fellow Poles...however it's only a matter of time. Not to be a conspiracy theorist but I honestly believe its one of the reasons the former President was killed in that plane crash.

    Just a hunch. He was very anti-euro.