Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rand Paul Being Used by Mitch McConnell

This is sad. The National Journal reports (My bold):
Republican leadership aides call McConnell’s relationship with Paul part of a natural alliance between Kentucky Republicans and a sign of McConnell’s adept adjustment to shifting political currents. A Republican aide familiar with the relationship said that working with Paul helps McConnell reach grassroots conservatives, providing a form of validation, without requiring McConnell to alter his policy views.
Rand wake up! In the end, you will get nothing from working with these snakes.


  1. Sure he will. It's very difficult to beat incumbents with establishment backing (at least historically). Rand Paul is making a very politically adept move while fucking over all those people who got him where he is now.

    He's truly a politician.

  2. Lay down with dogs and you should expect to get up with fleas.

  3. Bob wake up! In the end, politicians will only disappoint you.

  4. I guess the people here missed Rand's 25-minute speech against Iran sanctions and war, and Rand's epic one hour speech against foreign aid. Now Rand has flipped McConnell over, Mitch is now a proud libertarian.